Wednesday, October 12, 2011

:SPONSOR: Masterful Scrapbook Design from Get it Scrapped!

I'm proud to have Get It Scrapped as a sponsor of the AMOM blog and I know that I've reviewed and featured several of the eBook and online class offerings in the past, but I want to tell you about something a little different that they offer as well this month.

Get it Scrapped! also offers a monthly subscription series called Masterful Scrapbook Design.

Debbie's description:
If you’ve found it downright intimidating to look at a blank page and wondered how you’re going to start putting photos, words, and supplies together, you’re not alone. At Masterful Scrapbook Design you learn that designing awesome–even masterful–scrapbook pages is not difficult when experienced designers lay out the terrain and then share proven techniques for navigating that terrain. Every month you’ll study with 4 guest teachers alongside our core teachers. You’ll get a 30+ page “seminar” that kicks off the month and then attend (or listen to recordings of) 4 webinars (one with each teacher), receive 6+ focus lessons, and access 60+ annotated layouts.

Successful page designers break it all down...and you immediately start applying proven design techniques to your own scrapbook pages!

Each and every month, Debbie and other master scrapbooking artists explore a different aspect of our wonderful hobby.

Here's a complete list of topics covered by Masterful Scrapbook Design:
September 2010: Color
October 2010: Layering
November 2010: Details
December 2010: Events
January 2011: Journaling
February 2011: Titles
March 2011: Inspiration
April 2011: Patterned Paper
May 2011: Stash Busting
June 2011: Photos
July 2011: Fast Starts
August 2011: Smorgasbord
September 2011: Design Play

Here are a few of the upcoming topics:
November 2011: Texture & Dimension
December 2011: The Scrapbook Page Canvas
January 2011: Focal Points

Subscription options:
#1 - You can start your subscription with the topic for the current month for only $12.50 per month. The topic for October is "Pages that Record Current Events, News, Trends, Fashions, Fads and More."

#2 - You can start your subscription with the topic for the current month PLUS access to ALL the archived months (currently a $228 value) for only $125 today and $12.50 per month thereafter.

ALSO, if there are only certain archived issues that you wish to have access to, you can order them on an individual basis for only $16 each.

I've been a subscriber for quite some time and can't even begin to tell you how much I have gained from this "course." There is SO MUCH material each month, it is honestly hard to get through it all and certainly an AMAZING value at only $12.50 per month for the subscription. I absolutely LOVE having access to the archived issues as well because I can go back are reference anything I wish as I need it. It's a wonderful program!!

I definitely recommend Masterful Scrapbook Design to anyone who wants to grow and expand their talents within this wonderful hobby of scrapbooking. 

With Masterful Scrapbook Design, you are learning from the masters of the scrapbooking industry such as Lisa Dickinson, Jenni Bowlin, Lain Ehmann, Paula Gilarde, Celeste Smith, Noell Hymann, Katrina Kennedy, and many, many more.

Check out Masterful Scrapbook Design today!!
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