Friday, April 30, 2010

:BE INSPIRED: Creativity Prompts - May 2010

If you follow this blog, I'm guessing that you might know what tomorrow is...


Unfortunately, I won't probably be able to scrap this weekend (I know...bad scrapper) as we are having a rummage sale at my sister's house this weekend. So, hopefully I'll at least make a little money that I can spend on scrapbooking supplies, right?

However, I'm hoping that all of you DO have a chance to scrap your little hearts out and therefore wanted to get the May edition of :Be Inspired: Creativity Prompts out in time for you to print them off and start making a mess...if you scrap like I do, that is.

If you like the free monthly :Be Inspired: Creativity Prompts download, please share it with others. That's all the thanks I need.

I have created a :Be Inspired: Creativity Prompts button that you can use, too! Just copy the code underneath it in the right sidebar and paste it into your own blog, website or forum signature. I greatly appreciate you helping to spread the inspiration!

Also, I encourage you to share any layouts you create which are inspired by these prompts in the :BE INSPIRED: Creativity Prompts Flickr group pool. I'd love to see your work!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

:LAYOUT: I hope you dance

Another in her favorite dress...

I have been wanting to use the lyrics of this song by Lee Ann Womack every since the song came out, but never had quite the right pictures…until these. They were perfect.

The polka dot background paper mimics the polka dots on my daughters dress (which happened to be green as well).

I decided to break up the lyrics into blocks so that I could have a little more flexibility in their placement and they wouldn’t feel like such a big block on the left side of the page.

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat, but always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give fate a fighting chance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance, I hope you dance
I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking
Loving might be a mistake but it's worth making
Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter
When you come close to selling out, reconsider
Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance (time is a wheel in constant motion always)
I hope you dance (rolling us along)
I hope you dance (tell me who wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
I hope you dance (where those years have gone)

Adhesive: Duck
Patterned Paper: Little Yellow Bicycle, Making Memories
Alpha Stickers: Little Yellow Bicycle
Alpha Rub Ons: Making Memories
Rub On: Basic Grey
Ink: Colorbox
Font: Scrap Rhapsody
Corner Rounder: Marvy
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

:MEMORYWORKS EXPRESS: May 2010 Kit - "Garden Party"

Scattered with the vines and blooms of spring and bursting with new colors and just the right amount of creativity this new kit will help you to reach, stretch and grow to new heights!

Patterned Paper
{1} 12x12 Tree House - Laughter Paper (Pebbles)
{1} 12x12 Tree House - Melody Paper (Pebbles)
{1} 12x12 Tree House - Neighbors Paper (Pebbles)
{1} 12x12 Tree House - Bliss Paper (Pebbles)
{1} 12x12 Tree House - Merriment Paper (Pebbles)
{1} 12x12 Blue Skies – Zip a Dee Doo Dah Paper (American Crafts)

Solid Cardstock
{4} 12x12 sheets of colored cardstock (Bazzill)

{1} 12x12 Tree House – 3x3 Cards Paper (Pebbles)
{2} 6x11 Charming Alphabet Stickers (Pebbles)
{5} Tree House chips Chipboard Glitter Shapes – Assorted Styles (Pebbles)
{1} Package Tree House Stackers (Pebbles)
{10} Tree House Paper Flower & Leaves – Assorted Shapes & Sizes (Pebbles)
{6} Red Glitter Candy Dots (Pebbles)
{6} Green Glitter Candy Dots (Pebbles)
{4} Ladybug Buttons – Assorted Shapes & Sizes (Doodlebug)
{4} Bumblebee Buttons – Assorted Shapes & Sizes (Doodlebug)
{4} Limeade Buttons – Assorted Shapes & Sizes (Doodlebug)
{6} Chestnut Mini Brads (American Crafts)
{4} Yellow Shipping Tags (MemoryWorks)
{1} ½ Yard 3/8” Brown Grosgrain Dot Ribbon (May Arts)
{1} ½ Yard 3/8” Red Checked Ribbon (May Arts)
{1} ½ Yard 3/8” Yellow Grosgrain Ribbon (May Arts)

Bonus Cards
{5} 5.5 x 8.5 cardstock cards (Bazzill)
{5} 5 3/4 X 4 3/8 White Envelopes

ALL FOR ONLY $29.95!! (plus $6.50 S&H)

Check out some of the beautiful projects that the MemoryWorks Design Team has created with this wonderful kit and find more details in the May 2010 Idea Express PDF download including four exclusive PageMaps layout sketches!

If you are interested in subscribing to the MemoryWorks Express Kit Program, please contact me today for further details!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

:WORD ART: Quote Freebie

The Rodin quote won 2 to 1 in last week's Quotes on Time post. So, here's your free word art download...

Hope you like it!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

:REVIEW: Pencil Lines: The Sketch Book for Scrapbookers by Anna Bowkis

I've been a long time fan of using sketches when scrapbooking and am a frequent visitor to the Pencil Lines blog when I'm in the mood for a little sketch inspiration.

So I was pretty excited that the founder of Pencil Lines, Anna Bowkis, was publishing a book!

Pencil Lines: The Sketch Book for Scrapbookers is a great resource for anyone who already follows their blog or just loves using sketches when scrapbooking.

The book measures 6.25 x 9.5" and has a spiral binding which is great for laying it out flat on your scrap table.

In the Introduction, Anna covers the basics of why using sketches can be a wonderful starting point for a variety of reasons and then breaks the contents of the book into 7 chapters.

Chapter 1 - Anatomy of a Sketch
For those that might not be that familiar with using sketches, this short section is a great resource.

Chapter 2 - How to Use a Sketch
Again, this section breaks down the sketch and shows just how versatile they can be.

After these two introductory chapters, we're really getting to the good stuff for those that are a little more accustomed to using sketches. Each spread starts with a sketch followed by multiple samples from various scrap artists. The following chapters really showcase how flexible sketches can be. They can be flipped, rotated, stretched or condensed to serve a multitude of layouts. It also becomes clear quite quickly that just because you might be starting with a sketch doesn't mean that you'll end up with anything less than unique.

Chapter 3 - The Classic
This section features 23 12 x 12 sketches. Each sketch includes 2-3 samples (most have 3).

Chapter 4 - The American
I'd never heard it referred to this before, but that's probably because I am American. :-) (The author of this book is from the UK.) However, she's referring to layouts created on a standard letter size base - 8 1/2 x 11. There are 6 sketches included in this section. Again, they all have multiple sample layouts. Also, Bowkis wants to make sure that die-hard 12 x 12 scrappers don't skip this chapter by including several examples showing how these sketches can be 'stretched' to a 12 x 12 canvas. Actually, for one of the sketches, all three samples are 12 x 12 layouts.

Chapter 5 - Fancy Schmancy
This section focuses on sketches that are anything but square, but feature lots of fun shapes and decorative edges. There are 5 sketches with 3 sample layouts each.

Chapter 6 - Double Take
This section includes 6 sketches for double page spreads for those of us that enjoy working with a larger canvas and/or have a lot of pictures to tell a story.

Chapter 7 - Details
This chapter reflects back on 6 outstanding techniques used on layouts in the book, shows a detail shot and offers basic instructions for replicating the look.

At the end, there is a Guests section which includes bios of each of the 11 contributions in addition to the author. Each bio includes the address of that contributor's blog, so if you find a few new scrap idols while perusing the book, it's easy to find them online for further inspiration.

There is also an index that lists off the pages on which you'll find sketches for 1 photo, 2 photos, etc. in case you need one for a specific number.

At the very back of the book, there are also four pages of blank templates for you to create your own sketches. There are six 12 x 12, three 12 x 12 double, six 8 1/2 x 11 vertical and six 8 1/2 x 11 horizontal templates just waiting for you to sketch upon.

Now...before I end this review, there is one more thing that I have to address. Does the author have some important and helpful insights to share when it comes to the use of sketches in scrapbooking? Are the sketches well-designed and versatile? Are the same layouts beautiful, creative and in a vast variety of styles?

To each question I would answer in a resounding "YES!"

However, I do have one beef with this book. (I'll warn you now...this is where the big, mean English teacher in me comes out!)

The grammar and format of the editorial content in this book leave A LOT to be desired.

There are run-on sentences, incorrect capitalization, misspelled words (and I'm not referring to the Brit's love of the letter 'u'), missing spaces between words and sentences and extra ones between others.

In terms of format, inconsistency abounds. There are line breaks between some paragraphs, but not others, and there are places where the content runs over the page number. There was one page where the content seems to run right off the edge of the page!

Overall, I get the feeling that the editorial content of the book was put together in a huge rush and the proofing stage was skipped altogether.

As a side note, typos are certainly forgivable. I know that I am guilty of them here on this blog. However, it's just the sheer number and variety of them in this small book that makes them so glaring to me.

Again, the visual inspiration in the book is amazing, but this is just something that as an ex-English teacher really rubs me the wrong way.

Does this mean that you shouldn't buy the book? Not really. I have a feeling that the grammar and format issue might not bother many as much as it does me and, after all, Bowkis hasn't marketed the book as a lesson in English grammar. :-)

So that's it...I'm done with my little rant...and I DO believe that you'll find some great design inspiration in this book!

Do you have this book? What did you think? What was your favorite or least favorite section?
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

:SALES: 10% off at only!

Do you have the urge to do some scrapbook shopping? Are there some essentials you'd like to stock up on?

Today would be a good day to do it. is offering 10% OFF all orders placed today with the following coupon code: aprilten.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

:LAYOUT: Sweet Thing

This was one of my daughter’s FAVORITE dresses and wanted to wear it every chance she got, so I wanted to be sure to highlight it well.

I had this picture both in color and sepia, so decided to layer a cropped portion of the color photo over the full-sized sepia version for an interesting effect.

Then I placed the sticker I used for my title over the rest of the photo.

Initially, I wanted to use a rub on journaling spot on the painted butterfly, but for some reason it didn’t want to transfer well, so I created the effect myself using a paint pen.

Like star dust glistening on fairies' wings,
Little girls dreams are of magical things.
~ Sherry Larson

Adhesive: Duck, Stamp Craft (foam)
Patterned Paper, Title Sticker, Love Butterfly: Little Yellow Bicycle
Chip Butterfly: Scenic Route
Rub On: Basic Grey
Ink: Colorbox
Paint: Craft Smart
Font: Ali’s Writing
Paint Pen: Sharpie
Pen: Zig
Corner Rounder: Marvy
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

:ARTICLE: Top 5 Ways to be a More Eco-Friendly Scrapper

As you most likely already know, today is Earth Day. This may or may not have you thinking about how to be a 'greener' scrapbooker. If so, here's a few ideas.

Less is more. You’ve heard it before, right. It’s often true for scrapbooking, too. Do you really need layer upon layer of papers and embellishments on a single layout to tell your story? Probably not. In fact, the story you are working so hard to record might just be getting lost in all the excess. Try simplifying your crafting to photos, words and just a few decorative extras.

Don’t brush those scraps into the garbage. Use them! That skinny strip of patterned paper might be just the ticket for a cute decorative border to add a little flair to your next layout. Scraps are often the perfect size for creating adorable cards for friends and loved ones. Also, look a little more creatively at the packaging that your scrap supplies come in. Can the negative of a chipboard element be used as a mask? Can some clear plastic packaging be used for some chic punched accents? Also, are there household items that could find new life in your next creative project? Consider using items such as old clothing, cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard and even junk mail in inspired new ways.

So you’re not a fan of using your scraps? It’s okay…it’s likely that a local school, daycare, or church would love to take them off your hands. You might also consider listing unwanted supplies or tools you no longer use on Freecycle for a fellow craft enthusiast who may not have the budget to buy new.

Buy Local.
If you’re lucky enough to have a local scrapbooking store, support it. Not only are you helping to support business in your community, but you’re also reducing the many hidden costs of having products delivered to your door.

Buy Green.
Encourage more companies to ‘go green’ or at least offer greener options by supporting those that already do. Die Cuts With View offers an earth-friendly collection called The Eco Stack that comes with 24 designs, all printed on 70 percent post-consumer recycled paper that is also acid and lignin free. Or check out a company like Creatively Green that offers 100% recycled textured cardstock and more.

What tips or techniques do you have for being a more earth-friendly crafter?
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

:QUOTES: on TIME according to Friedman, Rodin & Russell

“An unhurried sense of time is in itself a form of wealth.”

AUGUSTE RODIN (1840-1917; sculptor):
“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”

BERTRAND RUSSELL (1872-1970; philosopher, mathematician):
“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Vote for your favorite quote by Saturday, April 24th, 2010 and I'll create a word art freebie with that quote to share with you next week. In the meantime, check out my other word art downloads.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

:TRENDS: Pantone's Fall 2010 Color Report

Pantone, a trusted source for color trends, recently released it Fall 2010 Fashion Color Report and here are the 10 colors it has named as the 'it' colors for fashion later this year.

Scrapbookers tend to be pretty trendy people - in all the best ways - so it only seems natural that trends in fashion might be reflected in scrapbooking as well.

As soon as I reviewed the report, I immediately recognized some of these color combinations in some of the latest and greatest to hit the scrapbooking market.

The Jazmyne Collection by Bo Bunny prominently features the purple, green and golden hues featured above.

Here's a very similar color palette in Basic Grey's Kioshi Collection. It also successfully pulls in a little more of the rosey and grey shades into many of the patterns.

Here's another collection from Basic Grey called Max and Whiskers that takes it's cue from the 'richer' colors within the palette of 10 including the browns, goldens, reds, and for added pop - the teal.

Die Cuts with a View certainly doesn't ignore the trends either. The Mariposa Stack is not only filled with beautiful patterns with vintage undertones, but also does a wonderful job of incorporating vibrant reds, greens, golden yellows and again the rich lagoon color. Grey is also a 'calming' color among many of these patterns.

One more from DCWC - the Mi Casa Stack has a similar color palette with a decidedly more earthly feel in both tone and design.

Fancy Pants pulls in the golden yellows, subtle greens and deep reds in its Rusted Sun collection. Several of the patterns also pull in the chocolate browns and lagoon shade.

Last but not least, Vintage Blue from We R Memory Keepers also ties together the purples, greens and teal shades forecasted by Pantone.

One color from the above ten that does seem to be primarily absent in the most recent products is the coral shade. It will be interesting to see if this color pops up more prominantly in soon to come releases.

Since many of these collections were sneak peaked BEFORE the Pantone report was posted, it makes one wonder if scrapbooking is following fashion or fashion is following scrapbooking! :-)

What do you think about Pantone's recent Fall 2010 color forecast? Do you see any old or new favorites? Which colors/color combinations of those above will featured most prominently in your projects in the coming months?
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Monday, April 19, 2010

:GIVEAWAY WINNER: Scrapbooking for Baby from the Editors of Scrapbooks etc.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment to my recent review post of Scrapbooking for Baby from the Editors of Scrapbooks etc.

While not everyone started scrapbooking specifically around the birth of a child (while many did), it is certainly common for it to be centered around children in general based on the content of the comments received.

Every comment earned an entry in the giveaway for a free copy, so without further ado, has picked a winning number!

Congrats go to lucky #24 - barbs!! Please watch your inbox for further details on how to claim your prize!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

:MEMORYWORKS EXPRESS: May 2010 Kit Sneak Peak - "Garden Party"

Take a peek at the May 2010 "Garden Party" Express kit...

A MemoryWorks Express Kit subscription is ONLY $29.95 a month!! (plus $6.50 S&H)

If you are interested in this kit or subscribing to the MemoryWorks Express Kit Program, please contact me today for further details!
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

:FIFTEEN ON THE FIFTEENTH: Top Two Peas picks from the past 30 days...

The new products from Winter 2010 CHA are rolling in and there's something new hitting the virtual shelves at Two Peas in the Bucket almost daily.

Here's 15 of my favorites to come in within the past 30 days...

This is BB's first run with adhesive chipboard of this nature (as far as I know of) and they hit a home run as far as I'm concerned. The colors and designs are beautiful and the fact that they are already sticky just makes the crafting process simpler on my part...and I like simple! :-) Check out the rest of the Sophie collection here.

I purchased a Cricut with my sister last year and I have to admit that I haven't used it nearly as much as I thought that I would...however, Laina Lamb has several digital die cutting file sets available that might have me putting it to use a little more often soon!

Love the the the texture. What more can I say? There are many other styles and colors to choose from  if this one isn't quite your style.

I always been a fan of Fancy Pants AND of ledger-style papers. Here's the best of both worlds included in FP's Roadshow collection.

Teal is currently one of my favorite crafting colors...and the randomly-scattered, filled-in hearts are just adorable. This pattern is available in a total of eight color combinations.

Teal might be a current fav, but I'll always love green!! The texture of these corrugated alphas is amazing!  Also available in white.

I love letters...especially fun and colorful ones. These letters from KI Memories also have lots of great coordinating products to go along with them.

Probably the most unique die cut design I've scene so far! It's a great compliment to this fun and vibrant collection from LYB!

Sometimes I love to hide journaling or other little tidbits on my cute would these little envelopes be for hiding treasures?

I am totally in love with the vintage colors and designs included in the Fly a Kite collection by OA!! This is one that I don't have yet, but is definitely a MUST have!

Okay, I couldn't pick just one of OA's new collections...I love them both!! More vintage goodness in the Thrift Shop collection.

Honestly, I'm not sure what these are made of (does anyone else know??), but they certainly look interesting. They come in four color combinations.

Very interesting...a large rub on pattern. Certainly a beautiful addition to the 365 Degrees collection by PP. 

Spring has just started here, but can't wait for summer...just so I can use this new 72 & Sunny collection from's simply screaming fun!

Hippity Hoppity Layered Chipboard Words by We R Memory Keepers, Inc.
If you're still looking for a line to help you record your Easter memories, Hippity Hoppity from WRMK just might be it. The colors are perhaps a little bolder than what you might expect for an Easter collection, but that just adds to the sense of vibrancy and fun if you ask me.

See anything you like?? Take advantage of the Two Peas FREE SHIPPING offer for April with any order of $50 or more. I know that's never a hard total for me to reach! :-)

The free shipping code is ESTR44 and is valid through April 30, 2010. 

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Scrapbooking for Baby from the Editors of Scrapbooks etc. (CONTEST CLOSED)

While Scrapbooking for Baby from Better Homes & Gardens may not contain anything new for advanced scrapbookers, the entry level content makes sense for an idea book focused on babies. After all, isn't the birth of a baby often what gets many started in this wonderful hobby?

Also, I can honestly say that I desperately wish I had had access to this book when I started scrapbooking so many years ago. The sage advice and tips held within its covers could have saved me from many early 'mistakes'...and probably some money, too!!

In total, the book includes 9 main categories (or chapters):

#1 - Get Started
This section is basically a tutorial for new scrappers on what they'll need to record the highlights of everything baby. It includes guidelines for the core ingredients, how to put them together, tools of the trade, basic techniques and organization.

#2 - Pregnancy & Preparation
This section includes 17 layouts with ideas covering the discovery, anticipation, fears and more in the months before the baby arrives. This chapter also has a bonus box including numerous tips in dealing with delicate ultrasound pictures.

#3 - Welcoming Baby
This section also includes 17 layouts with ideas covering everything from recording the first moments in the birthing room to what things cost at the time you baby is born. Also includes tips on taking newborn photos and making unique baby announcements using your supplies. The end of this section offers up a simple formula for a Visitors Album and a Brag Book.

#4 - Milestones & Development
This section covers the obvious - first steps, first bath and more - but there are also many other ideas for firsts to cover that you might not have thought of in new and interesting ways. 35 layout samples are included. This chapter includes a simple framework for a great timeline album.

#5 - Daily Life
The biggest section in the book - boasting 44 layouts - it goes to show that the daily activities are just as important to document as the big events. After all, what seems like mundane routine might be gone altogether tomorrow with a growing child in your house. This section also has some great tips for organizing your photos and making journaling a little less painful and time consuming if you're suffering from writer's block. At the end, the framework for daily life and 1st year albums are featured.

#6 - Personality & Relationships
Includes 28 layout samples showing you how to "chronicle your little one's developing persona" and the growing bonds with family members. Also includes tips on how to get successful photos of you busy little one. The album featured in this section is a digital one using Epson's Storyteller Kit. There are three versions of the same album included - from super simpler to beautifully embellished - so that you can decide which level is right for you.

#7 - Special Events
This is perhaps the most obvious of subjects for most scrapbookers and this section gives you 17 layouts to help you scrap the holidays, birthdays and more. There are also several tips for unique birthday photos included and a 'year of event's album framework using a calendar for its foundation.

#8 - Gifts for Baby
Includes 8 ideas for super sweet gifts for any baby or new mom.

#9 - Finishing Touches
Now that the basics have all been covered, this section offers 8 techniques (with step-by-step instructions) to help you kick it up a notch.

Would you like to win a free Scrapbooking for Baby? To enter, leave a comment below answering the following question by Sunday, April 18, 2010, 11:59 p.m.:

Is the birth of a child what prompted you to begin scrapbooking? If not, what did? will select the winner on Monday. Be sure to come back to find out if you've won!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

:LAYOUT: An Easter Morning Surprise

Here's one more Easter layout before I move on to the next season/holiday...

I love the multi-colored chipboard letters that I used...they remind me of a basket of dyed eggs.

The title and two other areas of flower embellishments create a visual triangle around the main photo.

There are several repetitions of flowers on this layout: the border on the patterned paper, the dimensional flower stickers, the paper flowers, the flowers on the journaling tag, the floral rub ons, and even the scalloped mat on the small photo mimics the shape of a flower.

The strip of patterned paper grounds the main photo and ribbon is threaded through the punched holes.

(List of items in Easter basket)
books, pencils, movie, journal, summer jammies, swimsuit, stickers, candy

Adhesive – Duck, Zots
Cardstock – Bazzill
Patterned Paper, dementional stickers, chipboard letters, journaling tag – Making Memories
Rub ons – Basic Grey
Flowers – Prima
Brads – Oriental Trading Company
Label Sticker – Jenni Bowlin
Ribbon - Offray
Pen – Zig
Corner Rounder, Circle Punch – Marvy
Scallop Punch – Fiskars
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Monday, April 12, 2010

:WORD ART: Quote Freebie

Since April is National Humor Month, here's an appropriate word art freebie...a quote on laughter.

I hope you like it!!
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Friday, April 9, 2010

:FIVE FAVES: Blooms and butterflies

Just in time for spring, here's a few of my favorite new bloom and butterfly embellishments!

#1 - American Crafts - Chardonnay Stickers
The soft colors of these layered stickers add just the right amount of depth to any layout. They also feature a little bit of vanish for added texture and sheen.

#2 - BasicGrey - Opaline Collection - Pearls - Fritillary Half Pearls - Lilac
Delicate pastel-colored pearls are just perfect for the outline of this sweet butterfly.

I just love the kids-craft look of these chenille flowers by Basic Grey. If you're looking for something a little more playful, these flowers will fit the bill.

I actually just received these pale pink patterned butterflies and can't wait to use them on a layout! Need another color? They also come in black, brown, orange, red and blue.

Prima is the QUEEN of floral embellishments in the scrapbooking industry and it was extremely difficult to choose just one new design to include in this list, but these lovely blooms certainly topped the list!

What other bloom and/or butterfly embellishments are sure to find their way onto your pages this spring? Share a link...
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

:LAYOUT: got eggs?

Easter weekend came and went way too quickly this year, but we had a wonderful time with Justin's parents and family celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary with dinner out and a movie. We all went to Clash of the Titans and we nearly took up a whole row in the movie theater. It was a great movie...highly recommended.

Easter dinner was had at my parent's house and Kaitlin got to play with her cousins which she doesn't get to spend nearly enough time with these days. After an egg hunt for the kids (and a few eggs bearing gifts for the 'adults', too...thanks, dad), we all sat down to watch The Blind Side together. Another great movie!! Sandra earned her Oscar, no doubt.

Here's a fun egg hunt layout from a couple years ago that I still really love.

The multi-colored circles on the background paper mimic the theme of Easter eggs and the tilted mat adds a sense of playfulness to the photo grouping.

To help the pink foam letters stand out against the pink mat, I added a dotted pattern to the letters with a marker, again reinforcing the circular theme.

You didn’t let a little chilly weather stop you from filling a few baskets on Easter! March 23, 2008

Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: Making Memories
Journaling Tag: Making Memories
Letter Stickers: American Crafts
Brads: Oriental Trading Company
Flowers: Bazzill, craft store
Scallop Punch – Fiskars
Circle Punches – Marvy
Pen: Zig
Ink: Colorbox
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

:QUOTES: on LAUGHTER according to Hugo, King, & Sidney

VICTOR HUGO (1802-1885; poet, novelist, playwright):
“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.”

“You can’t deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants.”

HUGH SIDNEY (1927-2005; journalist):
“A sense of humor... is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.”

Vote for your favorite quote by Friday and I'll create a word art freebie with that quote to share with you next week. In the meantime, check out my other word art downloads.
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