Saturday, December 12, 2009


The Federal Trade Commission approved new rules for blogging endorsements in 2009 which has prompted the creation of this disclosure for the A Matter of Memories blog.

Personally, I think that you, my readers, are all generally smart enough to realize that I might like to earn a little money off my blog to help support my blog. What a novel concept, right?

However, the FTC is concerned that bloggers might be taking advantage of their readers by endorsing products and or services dishonestly in return for payment. Therefore, please read on…

A Matter of Memories is a personal blog following my scrapbooking and photography pursuits (and a little of everyday life mixed in). All posts are written by me and feature my personal experiences and opinions.

I am currently an affiliate with several companies related to the topics of my blog. I also accept forms of paid advertising and sponsorship.

I must note that I choose my affiliate relationships carefully. I have been and am a customer with each and every company for which I am an affiliate. I feel that I can honestly recommend companies such as, Two Peas in a Bucket,,, etc. to others through my own experiences of service and product quality. Therefore, the content of the AMOM blog will sometimes include affiliate links.

I take a similar stance when accepting paid advertising and sponsorships for the AMOM blog. I will not feature advertising or a sponsorship if I do not believe that they offer a quality product and/or service that matches the topics of the blog. I have refused a request for advertising or sponsorship in instances when I did not feel that these qualities were met in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

One of the major features of my blog is reviews related to my blog topics. I have never been paid to write a review, nor would I agree to such an arrangement. Publishers will sometimes send me a free review product, but I often purchase the products personally as well if I feel it will be of use to me and of interest to my readers. I have also received review products in the past that I chose not to review as I felt they did not fit the topics of my blog or interests of my readers in an effort to keep the A Matter of Memories blog a specific and viable resource.

Giveaways are also a great feature of the AMOM blog. Giveaway products are always a donation from the publisher or manufacturer.

Due to the above relationships, I do receive some income through my blog – meager as it may be. Rest assured, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon! (It’s a good thing that I generally enjoy my day job!)

I abide by word of mouth marketing standards. Regardless of income received or how I obtained product for review and/or giveaway, I always give my honest opinion, findings, beliefs or experiences on those products. The views and opinion expressed on this blog are purely my own.

Any income that I do receive through my blog is generally used for the benefit of the blog in the way of postage (mailing giveaway prizes to recipients) and making product purchases relevant to the topics of my blog (more books and products to review).

I would also like to disclose the following existing relationship. I happen to be a consultant with a direct-sales scrapbooking company called MemoryWorks and will from time to time feature their products in my blog posts such as the MemoryWorks Express Kit (their monthly kit program).

This disclosure policy was established and posted on December 12, 2009, but applies to all past and future posts to the A Matter of Memories blog.
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