Wednesday, November 18, 2009

:BE INSPIRED: Creativity Prompts Snippet

Here's the :Design Inspired: prompt which I included in the November 2009 edition of :Be Inspired: Creativity Prompts that I think you might enjoy.

As I was paging through a recent issue of House Beautiful, I came across this Everwhere We Look and it instantly caught my eye.

Can you tell why??

(click for larger view)

The colors stood out to me, of course, but it's more than that. House Beautiful decided to highlight the trend they’ve spotted for ‘pieced’ design. How beautiful...and inspiring.

As scrappers, I know that many of us HATE to toss our little bits and pieces leftover after a project.
NO NEED! According to HB:
“In the right hands, a collection of bits and pieces, scraps even, can be turned into a masterpiece. Think of the classic American patchwork quilt, of marquetry furniture with its intricate inlay of cut veneer. And don’t forget decoupage—colorful snippets of paper fit together to create pictures that look like paintings. No matter the medium, it’s the hand-crafted look that captivates us today.”
Whose hands could be more 'right' than an inspired scrapper!?

Use your bits and pieces to create a hand-crafted (and stunningly trendy) layout during your next scrap session!

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