Friday, July 24, 2009

:REVIEW: Scrapbook Secrets by Kimber McGray

You would think that after scrapbooking for 7+ years and all the idea books and crafting magazines that I've read that their wouldn't be any 'secrets' left that I haven't heard, but I was proven wrong as I read Scrapbook Secrets: Shortcuts and Solutions Every Scrapbooker Needs to Know by Kimber McGray.

In the intro, Kimber describes her book as containing "...50 basic techniques that will make scrapbooking easier and your layouts more interesting."

While the word 'basic' may be used to describe the technique itself, the layout results highlighted in this book are certainly not (basic, that is)!

The book is divided into 4 chapters:

Chapter 1 - Best Practices: Secrets of Scrapbook Basics
  • This chapter includes "best design secrets and helpful tool how-tos."
  • 15 secrets are revealed ranging from how to successfully draw your color scheme from your photos to how to maintain your sanity when working with eyelets and brads. (Admit cute as they are, we all know those little buggers can be a pain in the a** sometimes!)

Chapter 2 - Easier Ways: Secrets to Simpler Scrapping

  • This chapter proves that "there is always an easier way to complete even simple tasks."
  • 13 secrets are revealed including how to use a punch to create uniformly sized photos and how to create quick tags to embellish your layouts in a multitude of ways.

Chapter 3 - Making Do: Secrets to Scrapping in a Pinch

  • This chapter shows how making up for missing embellishments or fixing a 'mistake' can actually lead to a better layout.
  • 11 secrets are revealed including tool tricks to creating perfect rings and creating a successful mixed-font title.

Chapter 4 - Who Knew?: Secrets That May Surprise You

  • This chapter will have you looking at your tools and supplies in a whole new light!
  • 10 secrets are revealed including using stamps to create custom die-cuts and creating scallop borders without a scallop punch or trimmer.

There are over 60 amazing layouts and over a dozen stunning cards included in this book demonstrating each and every one of the 50 scrapbooking secrets outlined in this book. Each scrapbook secret is accompanied by detailed instructions and photos to guide you along the way.

There is a list of 17 amazingly talented contributors (including the author), so there is a wide range of themes and styles included...a little something for everyone.

The contributors include: Yvonne Busdeker, Lisa Dorsey, Summer Fullerton, Paula Gilarde, Linda Harrison, Sarah Hodgkinson, Kim Hughes, Marci Lambert, Vivian Masket, Kim Moreno, Janet Ohlson, Melissa Phillips, Janelle Richmond, Katrina Simeck, Sherry Stevenson, and Anja Wade.

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