Wednesday, July 29, 2009

:PHOTOS: On the tracks...

I can hardly believe it, but was February when I last took Kaitlin out for a dedicated photo shoot!!! It had been mere days before I broke my leg - which obviously put a damper on my photo taking capabilities for awhile. I'm sure that is longer than ever before (at least since I went digital several years ago.

Of course, I've taken the usual 'everyday' and 'event' shots, but no portrait type shots and I have MISSED it...

She had gotten this blue jean skirt and green tank top for her birthday earlier this summer that I have been wanting to shoot her in ever since then so last night we finally went out for a shoot.

I'm always scouting our small town for new locations and have never taken any pics of her on the railroad tracks that run through town and thought that might fit her outfit well.

What do you think??
At first, I didn't think I had that many that I liked...sometimes it's hard to tell on that tiny little screen what you've really got...especially when outside because they don't show up that well on my screen in sunlight.

...but once I got home and started doing a little color tweaking, straightening (or tilting in some cases), and cropping...

...I ended up liking quite a few of the shots we took.

I gave her minimal direction...most of the poses are completely her own...

...she is quite the 'poser' sometimes!

I think that this is my favorite shot of the night! I love that little knee sticking out!

However, I do quite love this one was one of those happy accidents. I almost deleted it because Kaitlin was out of focus, but then I caught myself and took another look and fell in love.

I can already see a scrapbook layout featuring this photo with some introspective journaling about her future and the path (tracks) she may follow...can you see it??

Then we went across the street to take some pics on this little walking bridge.

I really tried to get some close-ups, but she wasn't having it.

Notice the tattoo?? It is fake, of course...she's been on a little rub on tattoo kick lately, but I figured in this case it might even add to the location shots.

I'd love to hear what you think of these. Any favorites? Any suggestions?

Until the next shoot (hopefully much sooner than 5 months from now!!)...
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