Monday, June 22, 2009

:LIFE: Czech Days highlights...

Another great Czech always seems like we wait for it to come in such anticipation and it passes so quickly...

One highlight this year was that my cousin from Minnesota brought her daughter, Kierstyn, down to experience Czech Days. I have to admit that I felt a little deja vu watching Kaitlin and Kierstyn enjoy Czech Days. It certainly brought back some memories of when Traci had visited us during Czech Days one summer many, many years ago.

Things started off with the baseball game and fireworks on Thursday night and then the big parade kicked things off on Friday. As usual, lots of floats...

...funny cars...

...and candy to collect for the kids.

Then, it was time for some RIDES!!

This one wasn't too bad...until the end. I was definitely ready for it to stop! My stomach can't take what it used to.

Friday night we watched the Beseda dancers brother, Lee, and niece, Emily, were among the dancers.

Luckily, we had a Czech costume that was just the right size for Kierstyn, so she got to go through the Kiddie Parade with Kaitlin on Saturday morning.

They had a ton of fun 'fishing for kolaches'!

After the Kiddie Parade, there was some dancing in the park and Kaitlin was pretty excited when she got to dance with the Czech Days Prince! :-)

A few more rides and then we decided to take in a little real fishing with Traci and was the catch of the day.

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