Wednesday, May 13, 2009

:CROP:, baby...

The event that I'd been anticipating for months finally arrived last Friday...the crop in Huron.

My sis and I left in the morning and made it there around Noon...just in time for the crop room to open. We registered and as we were leaving the room, Stacy Julian and Wendy Smedley walked!!

I was so star-struck that I couldn't even bring myself to say anything to them and walked right on by.

I must have had a funny look on my face cause my sis asked me what was wrong and I was all, "That was Stacy and Wendy!!"

We went and got all our supplies set up in the crop room and on the way to see if we could check into our room, we ran into them again.

This time, I asked Stacey, "Can I just shake your hand?"

Yeah...embarrassing! :-)

But they were wonderful and gracious and FUNNY...and quickly convinced us that we should sign up for their first class. Not that we didn't want to take it, but had initially decided not to in an attempt to save a little money. However, after talking to them, we knew we would be missing out if we didn't, so we checked into our room and headed to the first session of Wendy & Stacy's class, "Play."

They donned British accents (which has the entire class in fits of laughter at numerous points) and in the intro announced that the class was based on projects in the SS special issue Scrapbook Play, to which I said, "I have a layout in that issue!!" (go here to see it) and they we all, "You're kidding!"

So, they frantically looked it up and continued to read the accompanying editorial in their British accents and it was hilarious.

Then Stacy asked me to sign her copy!!

The class continued and in our packet was a package of Fun Dip. I mentioned that I'd never had it and Stacy said she actually never had either, so we took a pic together. (The picture below is courtesy of Stacy's blog post this past Saturday.)

Stacy and I will forever be bonded by Fun Dip!

After an amazing class, my sister and I headed to the crop room which looked like this:

Lots of croppers, for sure...and even more stuff! I couldn't believe how much some scrappers brought along for the crop!

My sister decided to work exclusively on her wedding album during the crop and this was her first completed page.


On Friday night, Wendy spoke. The slightly more serious of the two scrap celebs, Wendy gave an amazing talk about what scrapbooking is and isn't and really made some insightful points about why this hobby is so important.

There were several points during her speech that she got a little emotional over a photo or a layout she shared and it really made it hit home why our stories are all important and should be preserved and shared.

On Saturday afternoon, we took a break for a photo with Stacy.

Then, on Saturday evening it was Stacy's turn to speak. She talked about several topics, but the main premise of her speech was the rhythmic cycle of creativity and the 5 factors that influence it: time, energy, stimulus, focus, relationships.

It was amazing and applicable in so many ways beyond just scrapbooking. She also mentioned several books throughout her talk and my reading list has just gotten quite a bit longer!

This is Teresa. She is my sister's friend from college and shared a crop table with us. She was also working on her wedding album and created over 20 amazing layouts over the course of the crop!

This is Jodi. She is another of my sister's college friends. She just amazes me...not only does she scrap for herself, but also for other members of her extended family covering things like sporting events and more! I don't know how she does it!

And here's Stacy and Wendy...they scrapped right along with the rest of us.

Our group stayed in the crop room until about 1 a.m. on Friday and 2 a.m. on Saturday, so we were all pretty wiped out by Sunday, but we still managed to get a little scrapping in before the crop room closed.

Overall, the weekend was AMAZING!

If you ever have the chance to take a class Wendy and Stacy or here them speak, don't pass it up! The weekend might have been a little more $$ than I should be spending right now, but I don't regret it for a was totally worth it.

I got about 11 layouts 'done' (I still have to finish computer journaling on a few), but for me, that's a good number and I will definitely be sharing some of them with you here soon!

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