Tuesday, February 17, 2009

:POLL RESULTS: A (mostly) healthy relationship with journaling...

As part of my recent book review and giveaway for Your Words, Your Story by Michele Skinner last week, I ran a poll on the following question:

What is your relationship with journaling on your scrapbook pages?

According to the results, most of us have a pretty healthy relationship with journaling on our pages.

Still there are definitely a few out there that struggle with journaling as just over 23% admitted to having a bunch of unfinished layouts lying around.

However, it is heartening the see that 37% always include some type of journaling, whether it's their starting point or it makes its way onto the page a little further along in the creative process.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite comments from that post as well.

"Journaling is the weakest part of my scrapbooking. I haven't found my "voice" yet. Maybe its because I can't imagine who would want to read my pages besides myself."

Joanne, I think you would be surprised at how many would be interested in what you have to share through your journaling.

"I always journal something on every page. In the last couple of years, I try to hand write my words. I think handwriting is important on layouts. I have stopped trying to make everything so perfect. I do want my pages to be pretty, but more than that, I want them to be done and have words to go with the photos."

I'm right there with you, Janna. I have just recently started to hand write more of my journaling. Not only is it important to the process, but it can also be a lot faster than messing with formatting on your computer - especially if your journaling is short and sweet. It did take me a while to get over thinking that my handwriting wasn't 'pretty enough', but I got there and I'm glad I did.

"Jill, this book looks like an absolute must have for me. I voted "sometimes" in the poll, but know that I want to be journaling much, much more, as to me the journaling is the story and the memories in my own words, so if I am not telling the story with my journaling then I am not actually serving the purpose that I want to in order to pass these on to my children and grandchildren...hope that makes sense."

So true, Teresa! Part of what got me so into scrapbooking early on is that I thought it would be SO COOL to have more photos and stories to look back on for parents and grandparents (even myself as I don't really have many 'solid' memories of my early childhood). I LOVE knowing that my daughter will have one heck of a record of her life to look back on and share with her future children, etc.

Thanks for sharing everyone and keep on journaling.

If you're still struggling, I simply can't recommend Your Words, Your Story by Michele Skinner enough. Be sure to check it out!
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