Saturday, July 19, 2008

:LIFE: What a crazy week...

This has been a crazy week! Work as usual and something going on every night except Tuesday.

On Monday, Kaitlin had dance and story time at the library.

On Wednesday, dance again.

On Thursday, Kaitlin and I went to Sioux City with Lynn and Mom to do some shopping for Lynn's wedding and went out to eat at The Olive Garden. Hmmmm... It was a late night, though.

Yesterday, I had the day off from work, but spent a good part of the day working on an article for the August issue of the WeScrap newsletter. This time I covered 10 tips for photographing children, so stay tuned. I'll be posting that here as well as soon as the newsletter goes live.

Last night, I had my first hostess party for the new MemoryWorks catalog and that went well. There really are some great products in this catalog! I have two more already scheduled for the few weeks and am really looking forward to those as well.

Today, we had about an hour round trip so that I go get fitted for my bridesmaid dress and Justin could get measured for his tux.

On the way home, we saw some signs for a yard sale so we left the highway and ended up on some gravel back roads.

We never found the sale, but Justin thought it was a perfect time to give our 6-year-old some driving lessons. He ran the pedals and she controlled the steering wheel...with LOTS of guidance. Good thing he never got above 10 miles per hour!!

When we got back, I got some much-needed grocery shopping done and then we headed over to my sister's house for a barbecue with Kristi, Steve and the boys. It was a nice visit.

We just got home and I'm ready to call it a night!

Hope to get back to more regular posting this week.
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