Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sledding in the New Year...

On New Year's Eve we went sledding. There wasn't a whole lot of shelter from the wind where we were at so it was pretty cold.

Kaitlin started to make the trek up the hill with her cousins, Emily & Rachel...

but soon discovered there was a better way.

By the time they finally got up there, they all needed a rest!

The best part of sledding...is watching other people take the spills at the bottom!

Oh, it looks like that one hurt, Emmy. Don't worry...she still had a smile on her face when she got up.

Then, she was ready to take a run with Kaitlin...

Kaitlin was definitely the best bundled of all of us...it didn't take long before I was cold enough that I wanted to head home, but Kaitlin would have stayed all day if we had let her!

Kaitlin especially loved going down on her daddy's back.

Did you know that photographing sledders can be quite dangerous...especially when your husband seems out to take the photographer down!

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