Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Remebering Dryer Days at the Renaissance Fair

It's been doing this alternating raining/misting thing for four days...four days straight. I'm starting to wonder if I live in South Dakota...or in the US northwest!! It's giving me the doldrums, I tell you!

To try to brighten my mood, I'm working on some of the photos I took at the Minnesota Renaissance Fair last month...when it was sunny...and warm...and DRY!

Here's my little Renaissance princess.

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the jousting.

Our knight was the green knight.

And he fought valiantly.

But he did not win...he was a loser...yup, that's him face down in the dirt.

This is Puke & Snot. You heard right...that's really their names (at least during the Renaissance Fair, that is). Evidently, they are the #1 act to see when at the fair. They were quite funny...a little off-color (come on...what did you expect from two guys named Puke & Snot?), but definitely funny.

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