Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Look at my little 'mini-grad'!!

My little girl graduated from preschool on Monday night! Sniff, sniff...she is growing up way too fast, that's for sure! I use the phrase 'growing up' loosely, mind you - case in point:

Do you see my little munchkin? Yup, she's the one in the purple dress, waving at you! In case you didn't notice, she's also about a head shorter than every other kid in her class...this picture doesn't show her whole class, but believe me, she is!

The program was really cute (and not too long, which was an added bonus)! Each of the three preschool classes got up to sing a song. The song that Kaitlin's class sang was "Father Abraham." It was the cutest thing EVER!! If you are patient, watch the click below. I apologize in advance for the breaks in the video. I was using the movie mode on my camera. I haven't used it much and didn't realize this would happen if I took pictures at the same time...I know it's a little annoying, but I think the cuteness factor of the kids makes up for it. (For the record, I won't be taking pictures while taking video anymore!)

Didn't she recover ever so gracefully from loosing her hat!!

Then they played a slide show of pictures of the kids throughout the year while playing "Let Them Be Little" by Billy Dean. Click play below to here the song.

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Got just a little teary-eyed on that one!!

After that, they each were called up to receive their certificate...Kaitlin looked so proud...and we are certainly very proud of her!

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