Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My American Idol commentary...

So last night the men brought it, but this week the women just didn't excite me much. Maybe it's because something screwy happened to my VCR and half of the show had no video, only audio, so I could only hear the program. Let me tell you, if you ever think that this show is ONLY a singing competition, try watching the show with your eyes closed. I almost stopped the tape because it just isn't the same without being about to SEE how the singers present themselves...their appearance, their mannerisms, etc. It DOES make a difference. Anyway, finally the video came back for the last 3 or 4 singers, so I was happy. Definitely throwing that tape in the trash though.

Anyway, here's my picks for 2/28/07:

My vote went to:
Stephanie Edwards - I didn't 'love' the song, but, for me, there was no denying that she had the best vocals of the night.

Who I think should/will go:
The "A's" have it...
#1 - Antonella Barba - I didn't really like her last week, didn't really like her this week...time to go, girl...sorry.
#2 - Alaina Alexander - Although she did do better than last week, it just wasn't at the same level as some of the other girls.

My "Did the judges here what I just heard?" moment:
Sabrina Sloan - She was the last performer of the night...all three judges gave her a good review, but I thought she sounded pitchy all over the place. I almost put her in my two to go, but not sure she will get the boot from America with all three judges backing her.

Any other opinions? Feel free to share them in a comment here. Tomorrow night we'll get to see how I did in my predictions this week and who'll be the next four to go...
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