Friday, January 19, 2007

Kaitlin's uncertain schooling future...please help!

So, my big personal dilema right now is what to do with Kaitlin next year for school. Currently, she is attending preschool at Sacred Heart - St. Ben's, but we have decided that we will go public next year (nothing against Sacred Heart - she's had a wonderful time so far and has learned SO much).

We have tons of's what I have it narrowed down to: 1) she could go to Jr. Kindergarten at Webster School (only location where this is offered) or 2) she could go directly to Kindergarten. With option 2, we would most like send her to Beadle Elementary as it is the closest to our home and she could feasibly walk/ride her bike as she gets older.

Sadly, this is where my decision making ability seems to end.

Here are my concerns with sending her straight to Kindergarten:
1) She will not turn five until June. This is considered a 'late' birthday and many now recommend for children with late birthdays to wait until the next year for Kindergarten (mainly due to #3).

2) She is so small for her age. Kids that are even only 6 months older than her just seem to tower over her; however, this never seems to bother her, so should I be letting it bother me?

3) The expectations of 1st graders is SO MUCH higher than what they used to be when you and I went to school...I just want to make sure that she has as good of a foundation as she needs to be successful in school in the future.

4) I seem to have an adversion to believing that my little girl is growing up and could actually be ready for the Kindergarten. (FYI - This should really be listed as reason #1!)

In hopes of trying to make a decision, Kaitlin and I visited Webster Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Beadle Kindergarten, and Stewart Kindergarten (the last one just for good measure :-)) this week during the Yankton School District 'Experience Kindergarten Week'. Unfortunately, I am no more sure of what to do...all the classrooms were nice...all of the teachers were nice...what to do, what to do.

So, last night I expressed my frustration to Justin and gave him all the options, pros and cons, and asked for his opinion. Without hesitation, he said "She should go to Kindergarten."

"Okay," I said, feeling somewhat relieved that he seemed so sure of himself. "Why do you say that?"

In true Justin form, this is what he said: "Well, it's one less Christmas program we have to sit through."

Ahhhh, how sweet - NOT! He was no help whatsoever!

So, can you help? Mothers, 'involved' fathers, those who know Kaitlin best...what is your vote for Kaitlin - Jr. Kindergarten or Kindergarten?? Let me know what you think! If you didn't already notice the poll box at the top of the left sidebar, please go there now and cast your vote!
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