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:REVIEW: Start Scrapbooking by Wendy Smedley

Start Scrapbooking: Your Essential Guide to Recording MemoriesWhile I'm a little beyond the introductory stage of scrapbooking myself, I do enjoy sometimes 'going back to basics' in a sense. It's easy to get wrapped up in the products and the techniques and the next big thing in scrapbooking.

Start Scrapbooking by Wendy Smedley is a wonderful introductory edition for any new to intermediate scrapbooker.

In the introduction, Smedley says, "Welcome to the world of scrapbooking, a place where ordinary photos and words become extraordinary symbols of your life."

This book is divided into 5 chapters:

Chapter 1 - Why Scrapbook
In this section, Smedley covers the top 10 reasons why people scrapbook and helps you to determine your own personal goals as you take up this wonderful hobby.

Chapter 2 - Setting Up Shop
This chapter covers the tools of the trade - such as trimmers, scissors, punches, adhesive, writing tools and more - and how to choose the variety that's right for you.

Smedley also covers the more consumable products to play with such as paper, embellishments and albums.

Not only are the tools and the products important, but so is the way that you choose to organize them. Smedley offers suggestions for setting up your space and organizing your supplies.

Chapter 3 - Telling the Story
Smedley covers three main ways to tell the story - with photos, with words, and with memorabilia.

Smedley discusses the importance of photo organization and give examples of photo outputs, using enlargements and also goes into the art of restoring photos.

Words are powerful. Smedley offers tips for meaningful journaling, journaling approaches, and journaling styles.

Memorabilia isn't always easy to include, but Smedley offers 5 reasons why you should and how to include it safely.

Chapter 4 - Designing a Layout
Personally, this is one of my favorite parts of the whole scrapbooking process and Smedley does a great job of discussing starting points. In other words, will you start your layout with photos, the story, or products as your inspiration?

She also gives a great overview of basic design principles that lead to successful design. A discussion of designing cohesive double-page spreads is also included.

Smedley also recognizes that sketches can be a useful tools.

Chapter 5 - Playing with Themes
This chapter gives examples of some of the most common themes for layouts in beginning scrapbookers such as:
* Babies, kids, & pets
* Birthdays & Special Occasions
* Family time & relationships
* Vacations & trips
* Holidays & seasons
* Mini albums

* 15 layout sketches
* 18 step-by-step technique tutorials with photos (from basic to slightly-more-advanced)
* 12+ Quick Tips and Remember This editorial boxes with further suggestion

Start Scrapbooking: Your Essential Guide to Recording Memories by Wendy Smedley is available at Amazon is available at for only $17.99 and remember Amazon offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25 (for eligible products...which almost all books are).

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