Monday, January 24, 2011

:GUEST BLOGGIN: for Georgana Hall of AdornIt...

A while back I had reviewed an Ella ebook that included some designs by Georgana Hall, who just happens to be the President of Adornit.

She saw the review and said, "Hey, we should do something together."

I'm a big fan, so I said, "That sounds GREAT! What did you have in mind."

Next thing you know, I got a package of Adornit goodness in the mail and I'm guest blogging over on her blog for the week.

Today's my intro day, so I'll hope you'll give her blog a visit and check it out.
In the following four days, I'll be sharing FIVE brand new layouts - all products of my recent Christmas vacation scrapathon - featuring some really beautiful AdornIt collections. There's everything from a two-photo, single-page layout to a two-page spread featuring 16 photos!!

I'm not sure exactly what time Georgana will make my posts live each day, so if it's not there right away, be sure to check back later.

I'm SO excited to be sharing them and I'll be leaving a quick link here each day so you don't miss a thing.

If you like the layouts, I hope you'll be kind enough and leave a comment on Georgana's blog to let her know.
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