Tuesday, December 28, 2010

:PHOTOS: Christmas dress...

Now that the Grandmas have opened all their gifts, I can share Kaitlin's Christmas dress pictures with you. :-)

These weren't easy to get this year because the window of opportunity for taking pics in the winter here is pretty limited as its already getting dark once I get off work, so we took these on a Saturday afternoon which was VERY cold and more than a little windy.

I tried to use this big tree to block the wind and it served as a nice backdrop also.

We had the car running with the heat on high nearby and we had to get back in the car a couple of times to warm up...

She wasn't really in the mood for pictures this day, but I knew we had to get them done if I was going to get them edited and ordered in time for Christmas.

Finally, on the third time out of the car, Kaitlin found the strength to grin (naturally) and bear it for a few nice pictures.

The Grandmas received this first picture in a classic black frame for Christmas.

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