Sunday, October 31, 2010

:PHOTOS: My little Indian...


I hope that you all have a fun-filled day ahead of you.

After much deliberation, Kaitlin and I jointly decided on an Indian girl costume this year. Of course, we had to go out in full costume for a photo shoot.

The wig is a little big for her, but her blond hair just wouldn't quite do! :-)

The first photo is certainly my fave. The light was a little warmer and she doesn't look like such a pale little Indian as she does in some of the others! :-)

She's already gotten to where her costume for a community Halloween party at the college on Thursday night, at school on Friday, a downtown trick-or-treat parade and Walmart trick-or-treat yesterday and of course, we'll be going out around the neighborhood tonight. Hopefully the weather holds up and it doesn't get too cold.

I would say she's gotten good use out of her costume this year.

How have/will you be celebrating Halloween this year? What are your kids dressing up as??
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