Monday, September 13, 2010

:REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Fast & Fresh Scrapbooks [CONTEST CLOSED]

"If you've ever found yourself with more photos than time, or if you've ever felt a little intimidated or overwhelmed when it comes to starting - let alone finishing - an album, then this special issue is for you."

This is what Editor Jennafer Martin has to say about Fast & Fresh Scrapbooks, a CK Special Issue and I must say that I believe she's hit the nail on the head.

The issue is divided into 5 chapters:

Chapter 1 - Scrapbooks 101
"With the information & inspiration gathered here, you'll see how assembling an album focused on a single subject is no more difficult - and, in some cases, much easier - than creating a stack of unrelated layouts."

This chapter includes the 4 steps to album success to include BACKGROUND CHECK, BIND IT ALL, PICK YOUR PHOTOS, & ACCENT ON ACCENTS.

Chapter 2 - Photo Album Scrapbooks
"Creating a photo album scrapbook is a simple as tucking photos into pockets - and the creative twists shown here will help you put your own stamp on these time-saving projects.

There are 9 album ideas included in this chapter. All the album ideas included throughout this special issue cover a vast variety of themes, styles, shapes and sizes.

Special section:
Album Express - Includes two album examples from Elizabeth Kartchner.

Chapter 3 - Mini Scrapbooks
"Even if you've never scrapbooked before, mini albums are a fun, approachable way to get your photos out of the box and ready to share."

Eleven album ideas are included in this chapter.

Special sections:
Finish Line Scrapbooking - Shows you how to finish a 40 photo album in 4 hours or less!
Mini Album Helpers - Displays a list of products specific to mini album making.
Go Solo - Options for bare mini albums ready to decorate.

Chapter 4 - Computer Scrapbooking
"If you're like nearly 80% of photographers, you're already shooting most (if not all) of your photos with a digital camera. The logical next step? Using digital tools to collect, preserve, and share those images.

There are 10 albums featured in this chapter

Special sections:
Computer Scrapbooking Basics - Tips for successful computer scrapping.
Photo Book Comparison - Features a chart comparing the features of numerous online sources for creating photo books.

Chapter 5 - Classic Scrapbooks
"Full-sized albums: the classic choice for scrapbooking."

There are 10 albums featured in this chapter that show how page kits, product collections, layout sketches and more can make for hassle free albums.

Special sections:
Scrapbooking Sketch Style - Shows how using sketches can save you time.
Jumpstart Your Projects - Features albums using album kits or those with a little something that makes it extra special.

My favorite album ideas included a recipe album, ideas for customizing a printed photo book, a holiday planner, and numerous vacation album ideas.

My only light criticism of this special issue is that a few projects seemed very familiar...I'm wondering if they've been featured in the magazine or other special issues previously. I would prefer that ALL projects be new and never before published.

If you looking for an infusion of ideas to get your photos scrapped fast (yet beautifully), I encourage you to check out Fast & Fresh Scrapbooks.

Before you make a purchase, however, why don't you enter for a chance to win one of TWO free copies!?

All you need to do to enter is answer the following question(s) in a comment to this post by 5 p.m. (CST) on Thursday, September 16th.

Have you ever used a standard photo album and used it to create a customized scrapbook? If yes, please also address the following questions. Did it make the process simpler? Did you enjoy the result? Would you create an album in this way again? will choose the lucky winners and I'll announce them on Friday.

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