Monday, June 28, 2010

:REVIEW: Building Pages from Debbie Hodge

Debbie Hodge first introduced the Building Pages class in workshop form in February 2010 and it received rave reviews.

Just last week, Debbie has brought this amazing learning experience to scrapbookers everywhere in a self-paced, downloadable version complete with a variety of instructional material including a 135 page PDF, 12 video lessons (one for each topic covered in the class, over 100 minutes in total) and 22 sketches which are also offered in the form a layered templates that are compatible with Photoshop.

The TWELVE lessons in the class include:

Lesson 1 - Blocked
This lesson illustrates how an underlying framework of columns and rows can lead to a solid design.

Lesson 2 - Golden
All professional designers know and love 'the golden ratio'. Debbie explains where the concept originated and how to use the theory to enhance your scrapbook designs. Some of you may know that the golden rule is based on a rectangular shape, but she shows us how to adapt it to square layouts.

Lesson 3 - Spacious
Debbie explains that scrappers should avoid the urge to always "fill up all available space" on every layout and that white space (or empty areas) can actually greatly enhance a design.

Lesson 4 - Foundations
On non-blocked layouts, the first layer can act as a foundation. Debbie offers several options for placing this important layer to support a successful design.

Lesson 5 - Teeter Totter
This lesson offers strategies for creating asymmetrical balance between the parts of a composition.

Lesson 6 - Layers
There is a fine line (and grey area) between layered and collaged backgrounds, but Debbie does a wonderful job of distinguishing the two and gives wonderful examples of how each can lead to beautiful designs.

Lesson 7 - Shelved
This lesson illustrates how to ground elements (and avoid that floating feeling) on a layout through the use of a shelf.

Lesson 8 - Banded
The benefits of arranging in a row (or band) are discussed and illustrated in this lesson.

Lesson 9 - Divided
In this lesson, Debbie challenges us to use a divide as the starting point for a essence, to grow from the divide while maintaining balance.

Lesson 10 - Slanted
Debbie shows the various ways to design on the diagonal to induce a feeling of action and energy.

Lesson 11 - "L"s and "T"s
The building blocks of rectangles - right angles - can be a powerful design format that adds stability to the elements of your page.

Lesson 12 - Circling
Circles can be used to draw attention to a key element, deepen meaning, organize, or even provide a fun, repetitive motif. See circles in action in this lesson.

Each lesson includes several sections:
The Design - a description of the overall design technique covered within the lesson
Sketch - a sketch (also provided as a layered template) utilizing the design technique of the lesson
Variations - examples of how the design technique can be altered for a variety of fresh designs
Details - discusses finishing touches to complete and enhance the design
Your Turn  - a challenge or call to action based on the design technique covered within the lesson

The Design is always first and Your Turn is always last in every lesson, but the other three elements are sometimes shuffled or even combined depending on what best fits the design technique at hand.

By my count, there are 130 layout samples within the PDF. Within that number are some layout samples which are used 2-3 times to illustrate the different design techniques covered in the 12 lessons. I actually find this repetition helpful as it further demonstrates that you don't have to limit yourself to one design technique - sometimes one layout can be a collection of design techniques to add additional interest.

Personally, I can say that I learned a lot from this class. In looking at my own layouts, I recognized that I am already using some of the design techniques, but now I have a MUCH better understanding of why they are successful and why I tend to gravitate to these types of designs.

At the same time, I also learned NEW design techniques that I am now eager to implement in upcoming layouts to add a sense of freshness to my upcoming designs.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of basic design principles - specifically in how they relate to scrapbooking - and learn techniques that will help you build beautiful pages faster, then this class is for you...and NOW is the time to purchase!

Debbie is offering this class for ONLY $54! The class is worth every penny!

In fact, you have nothing to lose. Debbie is offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not pleased with the class after 30 days, you get your money back!

Visit the Building Pages site to get even more information about the class, read testimonials, and, if you wish, sign up to improve you scrapbook design today!
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