Tuesday, May 25, 2010

:LINKS: A few random links...

Here's a few web discoveries that I've come across lately that I've found fun, functional, inspiring or some combination thereof.

Pioneer Woman Actions for Photoshop Elements
While Pioneer Women has had Photoshop CS actions available for free download for quite some time, Elements users (like me) have been left out in the cold. Well, NO MORE! Now she has a set for us, too!

Search Stories Video Creator
It all started with a Super Bowl commercial! Certainly a fun diversion on a boring day. It's difficult to explain...you've just got to try it. But be careful...you might become addicted quickly and be writing quirky search stories for the rest of the day!

Good Look Cookbook
This is a fairly new blog and I do sincerely hope they keep it going. It is fun, functional AND inspiring. Basically, the authors (who I believe are all professional designers) take some design element (a book cover, a magazine ad, etc.) and use it as inspiration for their own project. They tell you what they're going to use such as fonts, images and colors and also how to achieve the look yourself. It's just great and could easily be applied to scrapbooking projects!

Another wondrous time waster! I don't know about you, but I've always had a certain respect for beat-boxer and this is a fun application that let's you create your own beat-box ensemble...just fun!

Kinsey Wilson
Another great blog I've discovered recently featuring some great scrapbooking-related tutorials, sketches, freebies and more.

Which link above do you find the most fun, functional or inspiring?
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