Thursday, March 18, 2010

:REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: UR2 Cre8ive: 68 Playful ways to Unleash Your Creativity by Stacy Julian (CONTEST CLOSED)

UR2 Cre8ive: 68 Playful Ways to Unleash Your Creativity by Stacy Julian is the latest and greatest eBook from Ella Publishing Co.

It's not quite your traditional scrapbooking idea book filled with sample layouts and other projects, but strives to dig a little deeper into the little thing that drives so many of us to pursue this hobby in the first place - CREATIVITY.

In the introduction, Julian says, "I believe creativity breathes energy and wonder into the everyday. It can change the way you think about yourself, brighten your outlook on life, and offer you a fuller and more purposeful existence."

Through this eBook, Julian strives to help the reader find their source (or sources) of inspiration and offers activities to enhance our level of creativity for the benefit of our craft.

The book is de\ivided into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 - The Creative You
This chapter helps you to recognize the creative being inside yourself and offers fun ideas for expressing and enhancing your creative self.

Chapter 2 - Creative Sparks
This chapter helps you to find ways to open yourself up to the creative sparks that surround you everyday...many that you may be missing.

Chapter 3 - Creative Flow
Julian introduces the four steps to creativity - preparation, incubation, illumination and verification - and the order in which they must happen for optimal creativity. She also discusses the roll of patience in the creative flow.

Chapter 4 - Creative Freedom
In this final chapter, Julian offers tools to help you "let go of inhibition, expectation and any other artificial boundaries that stand in your way."

Each chapter includes a 'Try This' section at the end with several ideas for activities to help solidify and enhance the concepts discussed in the chapter.

The eBook is also filled with 11 great quotes on creativity. A few I had heard before, but many were new to me and you know how much I love quotes!

Julian ends with a creativity checklist that summarizes all the tips contained within the book into 8 simple challenges. Check them off one-by-one and discover that UR2 Cre8ive!!

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:REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: UR2 Cre8ive: 68 Playful ways to Unleash Your Creativity by Stacy Julian (CONTEST CLOSED)SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend