Wednesday, March 17, 2010

:BE INSPIRED: Creativity Prompts Extra - Color Inspired

Here's an color prompt for you. How about taking a cue from the Irish flag today in honor of St. Patrick's Day and create a project using these colors?

As you know, creating a good color balance can sometimes be difficult, so where you won't want to follow the lead of the Irish flag is in the proportioning of the colors. Using all three colors in the same amount would not make a balanced project.

However, there is an easy way to avoid this issue.

Quart-Pint-Ounce Theory
Challenge yourself to follow the quart-pint-ounce theory.

Basically, you choose one of the three colors to be your dominant color - most likely your background.

Then, you choose one of the colors to be used in lesser amounts and support your dominant color. Perhaps this could be a strip of pattern paper across your page or a block to serve as a mat for you photos and other page elements. 

The last color - the 'ounce' - is used the least, but is just as important as it adds 'pop' and balance to your project. This could take the form of your title letters or other small page embellishments such as brads, buttons or flowers.

Have you heard of the quart-pint-ounce theory before as it applies to scrapbooking and other crafs? If so, is this a theory that your regularily utilize when crafting?

If you like this creativity prompt, you can other color prompts and much, much more by downloading my free montly creativity prompts!
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