Saturday, February 20, 2010

:GIVEAWAY WINNER: Stretch Your Sketches Winner!

Another chart! :)

To enter the last giveaway for Stretch Your Sketches by Donna Jannuzzi, I asked you answer a question: "What percentage of your layouts would you say start with a sketch?"

While it seems that most of us call on some sketch inspiration only occasionally (36% start with sketches between 0-25% of the time), there are also many of us who just can't get enough. A whomping 39% of commentors use sketches as a starting point for 50% or more of the layouts they create!

However, I won't facinate you with any further facts...I'll just get on with the giveaway. chose lucky commentor #58 to be the lucky recipient of a free download of Stretch Your Sketches!

Congratulations, Miwa!! How fitting that you seem to be one sketch-lovin' scrapper! Please watch your email inbox for further details on how to claim your prize!

Stay tuned for more great reviews and giveaways coming soon! In the meantime check out Stretch Your Sketches and all the other great eBook titles available at Ella Publishing Co.
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