Friday, January 15, 2010

:REVIEW: Kick it Up: Adding Spice to Your Scrapbook Layouts by Greta Hammond & Angelia Wigginton

Kick It Up!: Adding Spice to Your Scrapbook LayoutsEvery now and then, I'll 'finish' a layout and can't help but feel that it isn't really finished. It's missing something, but can put my finger on what it is. Does this ever happen to you?

If so, the book co-authored by Greta Hammond and Angelia Wigginton - Kick It Up!: Adding Spice to Your Scrapbook Layouts- might be just what you're looking for.

If you'll looking for ideas on how to spice up your layouts and give them that little extra something, you can't find two better scrap artists to take a few tips from than Greta and Angelia!

The book is divided into 6 chapters. The first five each focus on a single element of a successful layout while the final chapter is a gallery chock full of layouts further demonstrating the concepts covered in the book.

The first five chapters include to versions of each layout - the original (explaining that elements that created a solid design) and a kicked up version (explaining elements and techniques that take the original to the next level).

Chapter 1 - Backgrounds
"It all starts with the foundation of the page-the background papers and elements." In this chapter, there are 12 examples of how the background you use on your layout can make all the difference.

Chapter 2 - Photos
"They are visual reminders of our memories and often say more than any words can...Just because a phote is shaped like a box doesn't mean your ideas have to be square." Learn some cool photo tricks to spice up your layouts with the 12 layouts included in this chapter.

Chapter 3 - Titles
"Titles can do so much to add pizzazz to a layout. They can tantalize or excite. They can add warmth, glitz or humor. A terrific title can also create a link from the photos to the journaling and help set the mood for the page." Take a few cues from the 16 layouts included in this chapter to make your titles oh so much more successful!

Chapter 4 - Embellishments
"Embellishments aren't required of coure - a page can be complete with just a title, photos, and journaling. But a layout sure looks better with embellishments attached!" Be honest now...part of the reason you love scrapbooking is all those beautiful buttons, brads, ribbons and more. Use them more creatively and effectively on future layouts!

Chapter 5 - Journaling
"Words are powerful. They have the power to make us laugh or cry, to recall emotions, and to move us in many ways." Pick up a few trips to evoke just the right mood through your words.

Chapter 6 - Gallery
No more before and after versions in this section, but by this point in the book, you will be better able to reconize the elements that help a layout shine. But, if you're at all unsure, they still include labels to tell you which element(s) of the page have been "kicked up." This leaves more room for layouts - 37, in fact, and this chapter also includes 8 double page spreads not found elsewhere in the book.

In addition to the wonderful designs of Greta and Angelia, you will also find layouts by the following talented scrap artists in the first five chapters: Christine Drumheller, Jennifer Gallacher, Linda Harrison, Nic Howard, Marla Kress, and Denine Zielinski. In the gallery section, the following scrap artists also have 1 or more featured layouts: Amelia McIvor, Amy Peterman, Summer Fullerton, Nancy Damiano, Sherry Steveson, Kim Moreno, Gretchen McElveen, Cari Fennell, and Liana Suwandi.

If you feel you're layouts are missing that little extra something, I do encourage you to check out Kick It Up!: Adding Spice to Your Scrapbook Layouts!
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