Wednesday, December 23, 2009

:ALTERED PROJECT: Teacher's Gifts

So, is anyone else going to be snowed in for Christmas?

It looks like we will be and our traditional holiday get togethers may be delayed a few days this year.

We are smack dab in the middle of a huge winter show storm system here in South Dakota.

It started snowing this morning and it isn't supposed to stop until sometime on Friday...maybe...

I heard on the news they expect it to be the 'worst' since 1968.

Did I ever mention that my husband recently hurt his back and can't shovel the driveway? Yeah...lucky me...

Anyway, we're hunkering down and trying to enjoy some quite time at home. Kaitlin and I just finished watching The Sound of Music a bit ago. I LOVE that movie (just makes me want to sing), but it was Kaitlin's first time watching the whole thing.

We might have just started a new holiday tradition! :-) I know it's not a tradition holiday movie, but with wonderful music and a strong theme of love and family, how can you go wrong?

On another - and more crafty - note, yesterday was Kaitlin's last day of school for the year and we were sure to get a few little gifts delivered when I picked her up.

#1 - This one was for her teacher. I refurbished a My Mind's Eye chipboard canister and filled it with holiday life savers. The back of the tag says, "A great teacher is a lifesaver. Merry Christmas!"

#2 - This one was for her principal. It was a Starbucks Frappuccino bottle, but is now filled with hot chocolate mix. Mmmm...good thing we have some here at home also. I think we'll be enjoying some of that ourselves in the next day or two!

#3 - These three were for the gals at JFK (her after school program). They were General Foods International containers and are now filled with holiday M-&-M's.

#4 - These boxes were for a few of her other teachers like PE, art, etc. They were Whitman's cholcolate samplers. That candy was long gone (since last Christmas :-) ), but they held a handful of holiday Hershey's kisses nicely.

I tend to 'collect' containers of many kinds throughout the year just for occasions like this. They are fun to redecorate rather than just throw in the trash and more economical than going out and buying new containers of some sort.

I used all scraps to decorate them, so you'll see a little My Mind's Eye, Basic Grey, Pink Paislee and even a little Chatterbox in there (I had to dig pretty deep in my scrap backet for that one!).

If you like the tags I used on most of them, you can find them here. I think I'm going to be printing out some extras of those puppies!! LOVE them...thanks, Rebecca.
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