Tuesday, December 15, 2009


At work, I am the advisor for about 35 student workers as part of my position in admissions. We have a group called ADMIT that helps us with events, giving tours to prospective students and more as well as student callers and workstudy students.

One minor part of this duty is planning a Christmas and end-of-year event. It's always such a busy time of year for us in Admissions and for the students as well with finals, so we decided to do an all-afternoon open house last week with goodies, hot apple cider, and Christmas music so they could stop in whenever they had time for a little study break and some socialization.

I wanted to give them something, but when there are 35+ of them, it has to be simple AND inexpensive. So, this is what I came up with...

They are goody bags that I personalized with a name tag and decorated with some of my holiday patterned paper scraps. (There I go again...using up my scraps! I am so proud of myself this holiday season!)

To give this plain brown little bag something 'extra', I used the scalloped blade on my trimmer to put a nice decorative edge on the top of the bag.

I used some inexpensive raffia to attach the tag and seal the bag.

If you can't read the 'poem', it says:

Finals Survival Kit

*A TOOTSIE ROLL to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew.
*SMARTIES to remind you that you're no dummy.
*A STARBURST to give you a burst of energy.
*A LIFESAVER in case you feel like you're drowning in information.
*A STICK OF GUM to encourage you to stick with it and don't give up.
*A MINT to tell you that you're worth a fortune to the Admissions Office the whole year through.
*A HUG to remind you that we're here for you, too.

And when finals are through, you can let out a big YOOHOO!

There is one of each of the bolded items inside the bag.

Here's a closer look...

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