Tuesday, September 29, 2009

:LIFE: The girl with sparkly ears...

So, I finally gave in...

Kaitlin's been asking for awhile now to get her ears pierced, but I've always found a way to put it off. However, we went for an impromptu trip to Sioux Falls with my parents and sister for some shopping and to go out to dinner with my little brother.

We were at the mall and happened to walk by Claire's as someone else was getting their ears pierced.
She instantly looked up and said, "Mom, please..."

My sister piped in. "Yeah, mom....please...". Thanks, Sis!

So, here she is before.

Although you can't tell, she did have a few moments of hesitation once she actually got in the chair.

But the girls didn't give her too much time to think about it...first she cleaned it...

...and marked the spot...

Then it was time.

On three. One...two...

...THREE! Notice the little grimmace?

Thankfully, she was still smiling afterwards.

And anyway...a sucker always makes everything better, right?

Now she's known as 'the girl with sparkly ears'!
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