Thursday, June 4, 2009

:LIFE: Trying out t-ball...

Last year she did soccer.

This year, she said she'd like to try softball and so we signed her up.

She had her first game the other night and as usual, she's one of the littlest ones in the group (her t-shirt could double as a dress!)...but she never seems to let that bother her much.

She looks ready to catch a ball, doesn't she?

Her first opportunity at bat was a grand off the tee on the first swing! Do you see it?

Of course, they are still all at the point where they need to be reminded to RUN!

"Run, Kaitlin, run!"

Not only is the t-shirt a bit is the helmet.

It tends to fall forward as she runs so she has to lean her head back to see where she's going.

It sad, but yet quite comical.

Smiling for the camera (I think) at 3rd base...

...and coming into home base for the very first time.

She had two more chances at bat. The second one she struggled with a bit and had several swings before she made contact (she insisted it was all the bat's fault). The last time, she used the same bat as the first time and made contact on the first swing again (maybe she wasn't making it up).

All in all, she made it home all three times without getting tagged out.

No one really keeps score at this age, but we told her we thought her team won.

It will be exciting to see how she performs at her last game (12 games away) compared to her first...we'll be watching...

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