Thursday, May 28, 2009

:LIFE: Memorial Day memories...

How was your Memorial Day?

Ours was good...over the past few years, we've started a bit of a tradition that we head out for a picnic with my parents and have been trying to go to a different location each year.

This year, we went to Terrace Park in Sioux Falls, SD. The weather was beautiful and the food was even better!

After lunch, Kaitlin and her Uncle Chris took in a little fishing...

Kaitlin even tried baiting her own hooks...

and proceeded to demonstrate her fishing prowess! (You can read more about my little fisher girl's successes here and here.)

She caught at least 10 of these little guys before we convinced her it was time to take a leisurely walk through the Japanese Gardens that was in the park.

It is a beautiful place! My sister wanted me to take some pictures of her and her hubby...this is one of my favorites...

This is definitely a location that I want to come back to for a photo shoot with Kaitlin sometime in a more appropriate outfit (i.e. minus grass-stained and brown-butt fishing jeans).

However, I did get this pic of her that I like.

It was a tad soft, so I converted it to sepia tone. What do you think? Did I 'save' it??

Then, we did just a little bit of shopping and headed home for the day...all in all a very nice holiday.
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