Wednesday, May 6, 2009

:CROP: Packing the bag...ummm...bags...

On Friday morning I am leaving for my first ever scrapbooking crop!! Woohoo!! I am so excited!

I have a feeling that even if I don't get that many layouts completed, it's still going to be an amazing weekend.

However, I am hoping to get at least a few layouts done (especially since I haven't scrapped since before my accident), so of course I must go prepared.

Therefore, I found the bag and then it was time to pack...and this process had me a little worried (you can read more about my irrational fears - or are they? - here).

First, since I generally start with my photos whenever I start a layout, I figured that it shouldn't be any different when trying to pack for a crop so I spread all my to-be scrapped pictures in layout groups on my table.

I have a good variety...some winter shots, some play shots, some dance shots, some Easter shots, etc.

Then, since it would be physically impossible (or at least extremely inconvenient) to take my entire paper stash, I went on to the next step of attempting to pick out individual papers and collections that I felt would go best with the photo groupings I hope to scrap.

I limited myself to ONE Cropper Hopper vertical paper holder to house all of the paper and cardstock that I would be taking.

Then, I moved on to embellishments.

This step proved to be even harder than the papers...I filled ONE snap lid 13x13 box with letter stickers, chipboard letters and shapes, gems, journaling blocks and more. It is so stuffed that it almost won't snap!

These two holders went in the main compartment of my new bag and fit quite nicely.

See that narrow space in front? I'm hoping to fit my laptop there as I have been told that there will be a computer and printer available for printing off journaling, titles and other stuff, but we have to have it created and saved on our own flash drive first as to not tie it up too long.

This picture doesn't show it well, but there are also zippered pockets on each side of the bag. On one side I have a large selection of rub ons and on the other are chipboard alphabets and a little bit of ribbon.

Next, I moved on to what I am referring to as my tool bag (actually a diaper bag given a much more glorious purchase).

In it, I packed my trimmers, ruler, favorite punches, adhesive, paints, disposable brushes and stapler (and a fishing tackle box holding brads, eyelets and gems because it fit better in this bag).
And, last but not least, I used the over the shoulder bag that came with my rolling bag to house my PageMaps print offs (LOVE THESE) and my copies of The Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker and Photo Freedom since I'll have the perfect opportunity to get author autographs (I hope).

A few other favorite idea books might find their way in this bag as well...

So, that's it...I'm packed...and can't wait to go!

This process has made me curious though.

For those of you that have been to a crop before...did you go through a similar packing process or is yours completely different??

What am I forgetting??

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