Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:MEME: Introduce Yourself!

I’m taking a cue from my friend, Erika, over at Scrapbook Obsession today. She posed five questions…here are my answers…









1. First name, part of the world you’re from, and about your family, your job, etc.
Hi, my name is Jill. I am from Yankton, SD. I am married (for almost 10 years now) with a beautiful and talented 6 year-old daughter. I’d love to say I make my living scrapping, but instead I work as an Enrollment Counselor for a private college and enjoy my work very much most days.

2. How long have you been scrapbooking and why/how did you start?

My scrap-start-story is very much like that of my most admired celebrity scrapper, Ali Edwards. Like Ali, I began scrapping in 2002 as the result of the birth of my first child (hers was a boy though).

3. Are you now a paper scrapper, hybrid, or digital?
Although I have certainly collected digital scrapbooking elements, I really have not desire to go digital. I love playing with paper and chipboard and stickers and photos too much! However, I often create custom embellishments, type journaling and enhance photos on my computer, so I suppose that makes me just a little hybrid.

4. How often do you scrapbook these days?
Not nearly as much as I would like…that whole work thing gets in the way! :-) (Broken legs don’t help either!) I try to get a minimum of 4 layouts per month done though…

5. Your friends and family would say you are…..? Give us 5 random
This is probably the hardest question…I’m pretty sure that they would say that I am creative, completely addicted to scrapbooking, sarcastic, and that I don’t call my parents enough (sorry, mom). I would hope that they would say I am a good mother.


Your turn…

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