Friday, February 20, 2009

:QUIZ: What kind of organizer are you?

This quiz is currently available at the Creating Keepsakes website right now and I gave it a shot.

Usually, quizzes like this don't excite me much as the results generally aren't very accurate (IMO), but this one pegged me pretty well, I think. My results put me right in the middle of the pack under a "Good Enough" type organizer which as described as such:
  • You have a good handle on organization and a system that, for the most part, works for you. You don’t mind seeing your products out, but you can file items away confidently—knowing you’ll easily be able to find them when you need them. You like your space nice and tidy, so you clean up as you go because you’d rather spend your time scrapbooking than straightening up.
  • You have a logical and functional organization system where each category of product has an assigned space.
  • You have a few older items that you still like and that coordinate with your newer products. You give away the other “older” products three or four times a year.
  • Your space is immediately recognizable as a scrap area. Scrapbooking products are neatly stored in a visible way.
  • You are most like the following Creating Keepsakes editors, writers and Dream Team members: Kim Blackinton, Allison Davis, Maurianne Dunn, Ali Edwards, Maggie Holmes, Elizabeth Kartchner, Jana Lillie, Jennafer Martin, Joannie McBride, Kelly Noel, Amanda Probst, Candice Stringham, Jackie Stringham and Tiffany Tillman.
Take the's short, easy and fun.

What are your results? Do you think it an accurate description of your organizational style?
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