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:REVIEW: Modern Memory Keeper: A New Approach To Scrapbooking Your Family Legacy by Ronee Parsons [CONTEST CLOSED]

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I have quite a collection of old family photos that I've collected over the years and although I haven't gotten around to scrapping them yet (too busy trying to keep up with scrapping the life of my young daugther), I do certainly hope to start doing more heritage scrapping as the years go on.

That's why I initially took interest in Modern Memory Keeper: A New Approach To Scrapbooking Your Family Legacy by Ronee Parsons.

I was intrigued by the beautiful creation on the cover as well as the description the idea of moving away from the idea of 'having to' use vintage looking products to scrap your heritage photos.

The book focuses on what the author calls 'a modern approach' - a shift from chronological scrapping to recording your families stories, personalities and traditions in a way that inspires.

Included in the book are over 120 wonderfully creative pieces by 8 artists in addition to the author. Additional contributors include Karen Bowers, Erin Derkatz, Catherine Feegel-Enhardt, Lana Rappette, Crystal Jeffrey Rieger, Cindy Ellen Russell, Katrina Simeck, and Michele Skinner.

In six chapters, Parsons helps the reader by offering ideas of how to capture the history of a family beyond just names and dates.

Chapter 1 - Telling Your Family's Story
Includes tips on how to record the stories of your family through words and pictures.

Chapter 2 - Finding Your Family's Story
Parsons encourages talking to those closest to you, a little creative investigation, incorporating ephemera and more.

Chapter 3 - Saying it with Color
Heritage books don't have to all be predominantly brown. In this chapter, tips for using color theory, pattern and embellishments are offered to enhance the story.

Chapter 4 - Looking Your Best
Old photos often show some wear. Parsons offers suggestions for making your precious family photos look their best through traditional as well as computer techniques.

Chapter 5 - Composing a Great Page
This chapter includes perhaps one of the most important messages of the book: Just because you are working with old photos doesn't mean that you have to revert to 'old' design. By using modern design styles, one can bring new life to heritage photos.

Chapter 6 - Adding Finishing Touches
Now that you've finished some amazing pages and projects, this chapter outlines ideas for unique binding and presentation techniques to help you show off and share your hard work.

Included in the book are 16 'Creative Techniques' boxes which are full-page, step-by-step instructions for some of the more unique techniques featured within the book.

There are also 22 'Creative Sparks' which are more compact tips and technique ideas scattered throughout the book on a variety of topics.

If I had to criticize anything about this book, it would be that I felt the first two chapters seemed out of order (Finding Your Family's Story should come before Telling Your Family's Story). I also felt that the Finding Your Family's Story seemed a little too basic. Considering this is a book on which the focus is on scrapbooking one's family history, I would have liked to see a more complete and extensive section on ideas and techniques for gathering the stories.


??? I am always curious and open to hearing the opinions of others. If you own or have read this book, please feel free to share your opinion of it in the comments below.

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