Tuesday, November 4, 2008

:LIFE: We're just doing what we do...

It occurred to me recently that I've hardly posted a thing as to what we've been up to lately in the Paulson household...not that many of you are probably all that interested, but all the same, here's some random stuff that we've been up to.

**My husband and I both voted for the very first time today! I am pretty excited about this (and kind of shocked that I'm so excited about this). I've never really cared about politics before. Early on because I didn't know or want to know much about it. More recently because I was fed up with those in charge and the things that were happening. I can't wait to watch all the coverage tonight and am praying that adult America will choose as wisely as Kaitlin's Kindergarten class did in their mock election yesterday. (Obama won by a landslide with only two of her classmates voting for McCain...way to go, kids!!)

**Justin has been cutting, cutting, cutting. We have been blessed with some beautiful fall weather here and he has been taking full advantage to help get his parents set up with wood for the winter as well as enough to heat our garage and probably some to sell as well. Quite the little lumberjack he's been lately...haven't seen much of him at all, but at least he won't have to go out when the weather's not so wonderful...and I think that's coming soon (like this weekend!).

**We had Kaitlin's Kindergarten Parent-Teacher Conference last Thursday. Academically she's doing wonderful - at or above all the standards discussed by her teacher. This is wonderful and we are quite proud of her, of course. Her issue, however, seems to be that she's quite the little talker (no surprise here) and it's affecting her ability to work with others and follow instructions basically because she doesn't HEAR the instructions because she's always talking! :-) As a parent, how do we help to curb this when we're obviously not there?? Any suggestions??

**It was also our 9th wedding anniversary last Thursday...we didn't really do anything special because we were too busy with PTC's, attending a Halloween party for the community at the College and carving pumpkins. It was a full evening.

**Halloween was a success...

**It was Justin's 33rd birthday on Saturday. Again, nothing special. He was cutting wood all day and I cleaned all day...exciting stuff, I tell you!

**I have this coming Monday and Tuesday off and since I cleaned and did laundry for most of this weekend, I'm hoping to make this long weekend into a scrapbooking marathon of sorts! Have tons of pictures to scrap and more to order. After of few months a hardly even touching my supplies, I'm ready to get back in the groove!!
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