Sunday, October 5, 2008

:GIVEAWAY: Celebrating 50,000 Visitors

Well, I think I've passed a benchmark with my modest little blog.

I just passed 50,000 hits!! It still amazes me more than just a little how many people have visited my blog since I started it. It's not just my mom either (Hi, you!)...I've had visitors from every continent except Antarctica. That's just cool!

And some of these people come back and visit from time to time, leave comments and make it feel like a 'community' here! Love it!

To celebrate, I have something WONDERFUL to giveaway...and I have five of for each 10,000 visitors to my blog! It's not scrapbooking product, but it is scrapbooking related and has something to do with the feeling of community that I mentioned above.

I have been a member of WeScrap for about a year now and it is an amazing community of scrapbookers. Also known as the International Scrapbooking Association (ISA), it is a place to share our craft and our lives as well as find fresh inspiration that can't be found anywhere else.
Description for the WeScrap site:

The International Scrapbooking Association (ISA) is the worlds largest and most diverse scrapbooking organization in the world. We are a global resource for all aspects of the industry. With representatives from all across the globe we bring and promote scrapbooking world wide. With excellent customer service, vast resources and advanced technology we can help you as a scrapbooker bring your work to life and show it to the world.

Company History

The ISA was originally founded in 2003 as the National Scrapbooking Association (NSA) based in Houston Texas. As times have changed, the needs of the industry have grown, borders eliminated and more scrapbookers using the internet, the NSA has expanded its services, implemented new technologies and transitioned in to the International Scrapbooking Association (ISA).
WeScrap has members from all over the world - the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Czech Republic and the UK just to name a few. It is amazing to see the inspiration and ideas that come from these scrappers from around the globe!

I have been a member of one of their iTeams since February and have greatly enjoyed the involvement that I have had on the message board and in the gallery as part of that position. I have also submitted several articles to monthly newsletter and that has been a great experience as well.

Now you're probably wondering why I'm telling you about WeScrap...

Well, I have FIVE FREE MEMBERSHIPS to WeScrap to give away!! A one-year 'Scrapbooker' membership is a $15 value, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

How to enter:

All you have to do is answer the following question in a comment to this post:

How has your hobby of scrapbooking effected the lives of those you love?

How to double your chances:

Would you like to double your chance to win a FREE MEMBERSHIP to WeScrap?? Just mention (with a link) this giveaway on your own blog and leave a link to the post in a separate comment here. Bingo! Two chances to win!

Remember, this is open to ANY scrapper/crafter ANYWHERE in the world.

Also, if your comment does not lead me to an easy way in which to contact you in case you are a winner (like a Blogger profile with email link), then be sure to include your email in your comment. All comments and links must be posted by Wednesday, October 8th at 12 Midnight (CST). The five lucky winners will be chosen by the Random Integer Generator and will be announced on Thursday, October 9th.

I can't wait to read all of your comments...I know there will be some great stories in there! Good luck to all!!
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