Wednesday, July 30, 2008

:PRODUCTS: Like Christmas in a box...

I received my first box of goodies from a MemoryWorks home party with the 2008 catalog recently and boy, does it just make me all tingly opened up a box like this! It's like Christmas in a box!

What you see here just skimmed the very surface of what was inside. Stickers and chipboard and patterned paper packs, oh my!

My backdoor neighbor hosted a party last night and has earned herself at least $40 in free product so far (we're still waiting on a couple outside orders), so I'll have another box like this coming next week.

Then, I have another home party being hosted by a co-worker of mine next week, so I'll be getting another box the week after that, too...I'm not sure my heart can take it!

The only downside is that I have to give most of it the people who actually paid for it! :-)

Of course, I always order a little something for myself, but somehow after seeing the awesome stuff everyone else ordered my wishlist keeps getting longer instead of shorter.

Funny how that works...

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