Friday, July 25, 2008

:LIFE: Feeling a little tired...

This is what my next month looks like...

- a rummage (possible two since we're considering leaving everything up for a second run the following weekend depending on how things go)

- a performance by Kaitlin's theatre class

- my sister's bachelorette party (of which I'm helping to plan)

- 2 MemoryWorks home parties (and subsequent scrapbooking product orders to deliver)

- a family reunion

- dance rehearsals for Kaitlin

- the annual celebration called Riverboat Days in my town for which I am helping with a 5K run/walk, Kaitlin is in the parade and will also be performing with her dance group

- my sister's bridal shower (of which I'm helping to plan...just finished and sent off 63 invitations yesterday)

- Kaitlin starts Kindergarten

- dentist appointments for both Kaitlin and Justin (finally...I want to be there to see what the dentist has to say and make sure Justin doesn't try to put things off any longer)

...all naturally within the month of the year that is always the busiest for me at work. We have just four weeks before the semester starts and I still have much to help students complete...some that haven't even inquired yet. Many of my adult learners, bless their hearts, tend to wait until the last minute.

Although this is stuff that makes life interesting and I'm generally looking forward to, I can't help but feeling just a little bit tired thinking about it all. :-)

How is your August shaping up...a crazy fairwell to summer or a relaxing retreat?
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