Monday, June 9, 2008

Page Out of Life Winner #2 & Ask the Author Answers

Well, with only ONE entry by the deadline, Beth Warren didn't have much competition for winning her copy of A Page Out of Life. Congratulations, Beth! Please email me with your full name and address as soon as possible.

There were two great questions submitted that Kathleen Reid, the author of A Page Out of Life was happy to answer.

Beth Warren:
Do you have any tips for getting published? I'd love to get more work published...and also love to attend CHA, but it's hard to attend even to find work for a booth there unless you are on the design team. Any tips for either getting published or going to CHA?

As for CHA, I’ve never attended this conference and am going this year thanks to an invitation to sign books from Colorbok.

There’s a great website called Publishers Marketplace that lists the names of literary agents and the kind of work they represent. It’s very helpful. You can email an agent a query or contact them as per their specifications. Also, there are writing conferences all over the country; check out the National League of American Pen Women or workshops through a local college or university. Agents come to these conferences/events looking for new talent. Good luck.

Even though I missed the deadline I am hoping you will still ask KR my question. I really want to read her book and haven't yet and the answer may sort of be in the novel itself, but wanted to know if this might turn into a "scrappy series" of books? That would be something I would be interested in! Thanks!

I’ve starting researching another book from Tina and Margy’s point of view. My working title is Shades of HOT Pink (Do you guys like that?? This is the first time I’ve shared it). Tina is a real challenge because I need to know a lot about the East Indian culture and understand how it affects the way she thinks. Margy is going to go to Turkey (where I went last summer) and somehow I want to tackle the issue of breast cancer in this one. Been thinking about which new techniques to include in my story. Any suggestions from A Matter of Memories readers??
Be sure to check back...I will be giving away the final two copies of A Page Out of Life in a single drawing and will post the information on how to enter soon.
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