Friday, May 16, 2008

Who's amazing? Me, I guess...

This has been one busy week!

Soccer game Tuesday, soccer picnic Wednesday, and school carnival last night. I took Kaitlin and she came home with way to many little goodies - including this cute little flower painted around her eye.

She also won a recorder at one of the games and when we got home I was trying to show her how to play it covering and uncovering the holes. I played a scale and her jaw just dropped.

"Mom, that was AMAZING!"

Didn't know playing a scale of the recorder would get me so much admiration.

Even this morning she remembered it and said, "Mom...if we're all good today and we get to have sharing time, I'm going to get up there and tell everyone that my mom is AMAZING because she can play the flute."

Wow, it's not everyd ay that a kid tells their mom that she is amazing...even if it is just for playing a recorder.

Then she said, "Mom, I knew that you had music in you," like she was just SO proud of me...not sure where that all came from, but it sure was funny! :-)

Today I am just wiped!

We decided as an office that we were up for some color, so we spent the whole day painting our offices. We got three of the four rooms done, which was quite an achievement with all the taping we had to do and that we had to do a second coat everywhere.

Our offices are full of tall ceilings so it was lots of up and down on ladders. I'm betting I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

I came home and mowed the lawn...and ordered pizza for supper. No cooking for me today and I don't plan on moving too much for the rest of the evening. Up for maybe a good movie and bed!

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