Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Wakefield Mysteries

Last Saturday, Kaitlin and I attended an outdoor theatre event. It was a very unique performance and the first of its kind every presented at the College where I work - it is called The Wakefield Mysteries.

Basically, there were four different points along the College's main road where audience members could sit and the various scenes where performed on wagons that moved from point to point. There were 5 scenes and the production included over 90 cast and crew members.

The first scene was Hail Mary in which God chooses Mary to be the mother of Jesus.

Joseph didn't take the news so well, but he got over it. What a guy...

Scene two was A Baby Raises a Ruckus, the traditional nativity scene.

Scene three was Miracle and Revolt. Her Jesus bring Lazarus back to life.

Here Pontius Pilate decides the fate of Jesus.

Scene four, Torture and Crucifixion, was certainly the most moving scene...and graphic.

In scene five, An Empty Tomb - Victory, Jesus rises again and reveals himself to his mother.

It was different watching a play in which each scene brought different actors playing the same characters, but it was also very intriguing. From my work at the College, I knew a vast majority of the people involved and was wonderful to see them perform in this play. I was amazed by many of their portrayals!

There had been much anticipation about this play not only for the theme and nature of the play, but also the weather. Let's just say that we had not been great in the days before the play...including a snow storm bad enough to close the College and the local school district just the Monday before.

Over the course of the week, the temperature slowing inched up each day - just enough to melt the newly fallen snow and dry things out a bit. The day of the play was about 60 degrees and sunny. A little windy, but overall, pretty decent considering.

Every day since has been some combination of cold, cloudy, rainy, and snowy.

Hmmm...sounds to me like the prayers for good weather from the cast and crew prevailed...

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