Friday, March 14, 2008

The spoof run...

Kaitlin has no school today, so I took the day, too. Hoping to get some scrapping done later.

It's been another busy week. Last night the gals in my office had a small baby shower for one of my co-workers who just adopted a beautiful little baby girl. It's always nice to hang out with the girls a little outside of work!

Kaitlin had a break from play practice early this week, but they had a run-thru practice before this weekend's run of shows. I left the shower at about 8 p.m. thinking they should be close to getting done with practice, but they had only finished the first act when I got there.

However, I was glad I got there in time to watch some of it as it seems that last night was unofficially designated the spoof run. In almost every scene there was someone in costume who wasn't supposed to be there (one of the mothers, one of the stage hands), things didn't go quite as they were supposed to, or certain events were exaggerated to the point of pure silliness.

During the castle battle scene where every one's just running around the stage and up and down the aisles screaming and waving their arms, even Allison (the director) got into the action and made a caped appearance on stage.

And in the final scene, the guy who's been playing the piano throughout practice and during last weekend's shows made an appearance with a huge red tutu on his head as a wig.

It was hilareous.

At the end of the night, Allison told all the kids that she thought they we all just wonderful. The other good news was that the production broke even last weekend, so anything earned this weekend is pure profit. She said that this production was one of the best the playhouse has ever scene. Great news for every one involved.

Kaitlin is both excited and sad about the final weekend for the show. She has made a ton of new friends and had a ton of fun. She was already asking when the next show will be and I don't know, but hopefully the success of this show means there will be another Lewis & Clark Children's Theatre production in the works soon at Dakota Theatre! I think she's got the theatre bug!
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