Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More publication news...

I had a pretty long draught, but it seems that the saying "when it rains, it pours" is true!!

When I submitted to the Memory Makers Masters contest last year, I really had no aspirations of actually being chosen. Good thing...'cause I wasn't.

One of the requirement of submitting to this contest, though, is that you have to submit one real layout (the rest are just copies) on an assigned theme. Last year's theme was "I wish." So I created a layout following that theme and sent it in.

The bad part is that you don't get the layout back - unless they decided to publish it that is - so, I had pretty much figured that the layout was lost to me and actually just reorder the picture I had used on the layout so that I could recreate it.

Then, I got an email from Patty from Memory Makers on Friday telling me that they wanted to publish the layout in the Best of the Masters 2008 feature that will run in their Scrapbook Idea Gallery which is set to hit newsstands on July 8th!

Pretty excited to have another pub and also very excited that I will get my submitted layout back!!

I can't share the layouts that have recently been requested with you on my blog, but you can be sure that I will be once the issues are available for purchase. Stay tuned!!
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