Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun-filled Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

It sure was a busy one for us...doing laundry, making salads and dying eggs was on the agenda for Saturday.

Kaitlin spent most of the day cleaning her had gotten into SERIOUS disrepair over the past several weeks since she had been so busy with the play. She did a wonderful job - we can see carpet again!

Evidently sticking out your tongue is very helpful when being creative...

This egg dying kit came with face stickers. Here's Kaitlin's imitation of this eggs face:

The Easter Bunny didn't forget Kaitlin this Easter...and he remembered the tradition of bringing her a pair of new pajamas for spring and summer. He also brought her a new swimsuit (evidently he's as anxious for some warmer weather as we are around here), stickers, pencils, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, the movie "Enchanted" and, of course, a few chocolate eggs.

We went to my parents house first for dinner...just a relaxing morning and early afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera out much there, but I did happen to catch this cute shot of Kaitlin sneaking the bunny ears on Grandpa Joe during his after-dinner nap!

Around mid-afternoon, we headed out to Justin's parents. Kaitlin didn't have much competition this year for the egg hunt...

Probably the most exciting part of the day for Kaitlin was her first introduction to Wahoo. The game board was handmade by Grandma Ruth's grandfather and handed down the lines.

Kaitlin had a run of beginner's luck, I think, because she and her partner won every game they played!!

This is Great-Grandpa Tom teasing Kaitlin that he wasn't sure if he wanted to play with her anymore after she knocked one of his marbles out of play.

It was a fun day...and clearly wore Kaitlin out. She just got up about 15 minutes ago!!
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