Sunday, March 16, 2008

The final curtain call...

This afternoon was the last curtain call for Beauty & the Beast.

Justin and I attended the full show again. My sister also came again and Kaitlin's cousins - Nick, Emily and Rachel - were there also. Kaitlin was really excited.

This was her favorite part in the whole play...because Belle is singing to the village children. She calls it "Belle's Song" and she knows it by heart.

Or maybe she liked it because she had cute little boys whispering sweet nothings in her ear!! :-)

Here she is as the gingerbread cookie...she's the one on the right with the purple trim on her costume.

Here's her final a true princess...

It was a little bittersweet though, Kaitlin got flowers from a few of her older cast always amazes me how easily she makes new friends.

Although it was sad to be ending this show, it's now pretty clear that Kaitlin will be back on stage soon. The director said she's already looking for a new show for this summer and she told Kaitlin she'd better be back!
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