Thursday, February 28, 2008

The return of the polka dots and computer woes...

Home from work and school today with a sick little girl...she's been running a pretty good fever all day. This is her...sleeping at 1 p.m. in the afternoon. This girl never naps...yup, she's sick. See those rosy cheeks?

Unfortunately, she's not showing signs of significant improvement yet. I gave her a bath tonight and she got polka dots.

Poor girl.

So, I spent the day trying to do a little work from home, catching up on laundry and attempting to solve our computer issues between requested snuggle sessions.

The computer issues are not with my new laptop...I'm LOVING it. The issues are with our old desktop. Obviously, it's issues are a major part of the reason I decided to get a new laptop in the first place, but we're not quite ready to lay it to rest just yet.

The first known issue I was having that I can't seen to get the two computers linked in on a network so that my laptop can share the printer. I spent two hours on the phone with Dell on Sunday and still didn't get this resolved. Nothing was working as it should be on the old computer.

I gave up on that for the time being and went to copy more of my files to DVD to transfer to my laptop to discover that BOTH of my internal CD drives AND my external DVD drive was GONE! Not registering AT ALL. I did a system luck. Deleted the drives and rebooted...nope...that didn't work either.

So, I spent another two hours on the phone with Dell today to discover that our old computer must be infected with one doozy of a virus. Actually, I've suspected this for quite some time, but...well, just didn't do anything about it. Now, we kind of have to.

The plan of action now is to purchase an external hard drive (had been thinking about this anyway for extra photo storage), save everything of value left on the old desktop, give it an complete enema and start fresh.

It'll be we just took it out of the box. Right? Right...wish me luck.

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