Friday, February 1, 2008

Exciting news...

for me!! I am one of the newest members of the International Scrapbooking Association's VIP Team! at I am so excited about this! My name was just added to the list late last night, so I will be working on getting the information for my page ready so they can link it up soon, but just had to share the news right away!!

I have the day off (no school for Kaitlin today) so hopefully can get that and also some scrapping done today!

About ISA:
The International Scrapbooking Association (ISA) is the worlds largest and most diverse scrapbooking organization in the world. They are a global resource for all aspects of the industry. With representatives from all across the globe, they bring and promote scrapbooking world wide. With excellent customer service, vast resources and advanced technology they can help you as a scrapbooker bring your work to life and show it to the world.

The ISA was originally founded in 2003 as the National Scrapbooking Association (NSA) based in Houston Texas. As times have changed, the needs of the industry have grown, borders eliminated and more scrapbookers using the internet, the NSA has expanded its services, implemented new technologies and transitioned in to the International Scrapbooking Association (ISA).

Join the International Scrapbooking Association today!
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