Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brush like the monkey, sweetie...

Kaitlin's class really enjoyed their field trip to the dentist's office yesterday.

When they first arrived, the gal showed the kids a demonstration. This Styrofoam cup is a healthy, pearly white tooth.

This is your tooth after eating too many sugary snacks and drinks (add chocolate syrup and sprinkles).

This is what your own saliva will do to your teeth if you eat too many sugary snacks and drinks and/or do not brush your teeth properly. It is somewhat hard to see in the picture, but after squirting some 'saliva' (acetone) onto the 'tooth' (cup), it began to disintegrate.

Judging from all exclamations of 'Ewww!', 'Gross!', and 'Yucky!', I would have to say that the demonstration was successful.

All the kids also got to test out the dentist's chair.

And the best part was when they got to watch a video of a monkey showing them how to properly brush their teeth.

She is suddenly more interested in brushing her teeth. Monkey see, monkey do...
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