Saturday, January 5, 2008

I LOVE my Clip it Up!

I got Christmas in the mail again yesterday. With some of the money that I got from my dad and my in-laws for Christmas (thanks Dad...thanks Ruth & Rahn) I ordered one of the scrapbooking storage items that I have been wanting for awhile - the Clip it Up!!

When it comes to my scrapbooking, I've always liked to be able to 'see' my products. Sometimes when they're packed away in binders or boxes (as many of them have been for a long time), I simply forget that I have them - or can't find them - when I want to use them.
The Clip it Up system is a simple and surprisingly compact solution to this problem!! I love it!! And it fits neatly on this little shelf I got to go between my inspiration board and my storage cabinet.

I don't know if you can tell, but I've pretty got all my stickers, alphabets, chipboard and other miscellaneous items on there and it's not even close to being full...hmmm...guess I need to do some more shopping!! :-)
If you've wanting a new organizational system, but didn't know what to get or even been considering the Clip it Up, I definitely recommend it. I will admit, it is a little spendy, but it can totally replace so many other things you might be using...and is just plain more efficient!
So, this just goes along with my New Year's Resolution. In order to be more productive in my scrapping this year, I really did need to get more organized and now I am.
My sister and niece are coming over any minute and we're going to have a scrap night!! I'm so excited!
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